Ok Ladies, who ordered their Rebecca Minkoff Bags?? I DID!!

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  1. It took me forever to get thru on the phone yesterday, but I ordered the Glazed Almond Matinee!! My first Rebecca Minkoff bag. The girl on the phone was very patient with me because I had no clue what color to pick out. I liked the Glazed Espresso alot, but I already have the Brun Chloe Paddy. And the Berry Matinee looked TDF, but yet again, I have so many burgundy colors in my bag collection. It was $395 and I asked how much the MA mini was and she said it was $365 I think. I thought it was going to be lesser than that, so I passed. I'm really excited to get this bag, I hope I love it.

    So everyone! What did you order?? Tell tell...
  2. I ordered this in black :smile: and uh, an Elephant Mini...

  3. I ordered the MA Mini in sage w/ sage stamp. They didn't even have a picture of it on the website. The woman on the phone said she thinks it was the only one ever made! I guess that's why it's a sample sale! :smile: I hope I like it, but I'm sure I will!
  4. I LOVE the Elephant bag!
  5. I wanted to get more! But I knew I could only pick one. I would love to get the MA mini in Gray. UGH! Another time maybe...
  6. Me too! I keep going back to the website to drool over the green. Thank god it has gold hardware lol. Thats how I keep talking myself out of it!

    BTW, Loooove the Glazed Almond, gorgeous :tup:
  7. ^^^I hear you!! I had to stop going on her website so I wouldn't drool over again lol. Can't wait to see your Elephant MA mini!! Congrats!
  8. I ordered the MA mini in cream w/ basket weave and the black with blue stamp.. I love them both. By the time I got through the glazed almond was already sold out..I was so upset!

  9. Oh the Cream *sigh* Can you post pics when you get it? I bet it's even prettier IRL
  10. I wanted something a bit smaller, so I ordered the cream Clutch - with the chain. Oh how I hope it is resistant to dirt!
  11. ladies, are you able to order from outside of NY? do they ship?
  12. They do ship! I don't _think_ there is an extra charge for it, but someone correct me if I am wrong (I was on a cell phone and couldn't quite catch everything). I think she said I wouldn't have any shipping or taxes.
  13. Sage with Sage Stamp?! That's sound scrumptious!!!!! You are so lucky! You MUST post a pic when you get it!
  14. I don't know? Does $365 sound like a good price for the MA mini?? I'm thinking now if it is a good price, I should get it before the sell ends.