ok ladies... who matches bag color to shoe color??

  1. I'm wondering who matches their bag color (brown, black) to their shoe color?? I'm getting a Carly and am perplexed as to which color?? Khaki/saddle or the new khaki/black. I was thinking that I could get the khaki/black and wear it with either brown shoes or black shoes! Make sense to anyone??? Am I crazy?
  2. I don't match my shoes to my bag. But I would say go for the khaki/black Carly! I own this in the large size and I just love the color combo!! It's a great bag!
  3. I do!! I am an OCD freak about matching shoe/bag color - even hardware colors. If I am carrying a black purse I have to carry a black work tote and wear black shoes. If the black purse has gold hardware on it, my work bag has to have gold hardware and any hardware on the shoes also has to be the same. Seriously, I have a problem and, sadly, I don't think anyone else would even notice if all of this stuff matches. It doesn't matter, though, because I know and I feel funny if everything doesn't match. :wacko:
  4. I match my shoes & handbags as well. I would only wear black/white/khaki with the khaki/ebony Carly. I would wear brown with the khaki/saddle Carly. That is why I would luv to get the khaki/gold, but it's sold out!
  5. I do somethings. White shoes + White bag, black shoes+black bag. Usually it happens by accident. But if I have green, purple, any crazy colors I wouldn't match them with my shoes. Just because it may be a little much.

    However I have this really nice bright green bcbg bag with a really cool gold chain accessory and I wear my gold Steve Madden wedges with them. So in that sense I match it like that.
  6. I just bought the large khaki/saddle Carly...I do not match my bags to my shoes...I do wear mostly brown though, but do own ALOT of black! I think the saddle color is GORGEOUS and goes w/ everything and I like the contrast that it gives the khaki siggy!!! Good luck w/ your decision!
  7. No, your're not crazy. I have to match also. Black purse black shoes or gold to match hardware, camel purse - camel shoes. I would go with the khaki/black.
  8. I really don't match as long as it doesn't clash.
  9. I'm never matchy-matchy because my only (lonely!) Coach bag is brown and since it's a neutral, it will go with mostly everything.

    Like i'm probably going to wear brown flip flops with it when I go out in a bit, but I have no problem wearing pink or blue ones as long as they don't clash with brown. :yes:
  10. Thanks for everyone's imput! It has helped me come to my decision.....I ordered a black sig ergo hobo and am hopefully getting a khaki/saddle lg. carly for my bday :happydance: