Ok Ladies What Do We Think...??

  1. Hello Fellow Obessors,
    After recently buying probably too many higher end bags lately, and buying a condo with my BF, I have decided that I need to calm down just a little. SO I have been searching through bluefly to find less expensive purses that I can satisfy my cravings with. I have found some really cute ones that I am really wanting, but I need some help narrowing down the search.

    Let's hear your feedback Ladies (and gents!)

    P.S. I need a good fall bag that is $100-$250 if you want to give your own thoughts...

    1. BCBG Black Leather Montana Bag:

    2. Via Spiga Olive 'Marietta' Bag

    3. Hype 'Croisette' Large tote

    4. Hype 'Carmo' Leather

    Thanks in advance!!
  2. I really love the Marietta and the Carmo bag although I am personally not crazy about the Marietta simply because of the color...but the Carmo seems to have more of a personality. As for the Montana and Croisette, it reminds me a little too much of something you would carry onto a plane. Good luck deciding!
  3. I LOVE the style of the Marietta. Not crazy about the color though......
  4. Yeah I LOVE the Carmo and I have had my eyes on it for a while, the color is fab! The Marietta is a great bag too, but I was thinking that the color might be hard to coordinate with an outfit...I don't know I am torn!!

  5. Isn't the olive what's in the picture?
  6. OOPS - disregard - compltely misread your post! sorry
  7. I like the Carmo the best.
  8. I love the Marietta bag too- and I'll be the lone person who DOES like the color- it's a nice early-fall color, I think :smile:
  9. I like the 4th one :}
  10. The BCBG is the best by far...
  11. Oh my ladies...everyone like each one!!!

    Ok I was thinking I might go with the carmo...i am just in love with the color and have been in love with the bag since I saw it..

    But does anyone want to give any other comments? :shrugs:
  12. I like the Marietta, the green is actually not difficult to match with your outfit, will go with black, brown, blue, grey, beige, just not pink or red.
  13. I like the Carmo :tup: I like the shape, size and color. My second choice would be the Montana, third the Marietta(though not that color), and fourth would be the Hype bag. I actually don't like the Hype bag at all. I think the small handles look awkward on a bag that size.
  14. i like the bcbg one, but it kinda reminds me of chloe?
  15. Definitely love the Carmo...it looks so rich!:tup: