ok Ladies.... self waxing !!

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  1. Hi ladies..
    you gals are just a wealth of info here and I have read about epilators etc.....I did not want to hijack any thread so here is my question :

    It is a question regarding the armpit area.......
    I do not want to get an epi yet....i have seen so many
    products in the pharmacy for waxing and getting rid
    of underarm hair...
    does any use any of these products at home ?? and how are they?? are they as easy as the box indicates??
    Would I have any sucess doing it on my own .... ps.
    i used to shave but have let it go for about a year now!
    yikes... i really really need help.
  2. Im too chicken to wax my armpits, lol, I wax my legs though... lol, sorry not much help.
    I reckon id prob. go straigh to the epi instead of waxing tho.
  3. I bought some wax strips last week. I only tried my upper lip, couldn't bring myself to pull it off. I had to have DH pull it off. The at home wax strips work well for areas where the hair is pretty thin. I have never tried waxing on my armpits, but I have used Nair. If you decide to use Nair or Veet on your arm pits be sure to wash away all deodorant first or it will sting. I didn't wash all my deodorant away and I noticed the cream turned my armpit hair a very light color and also burned a bit.
  4. Don't do this at home!! I bought some waxing strips from Veet maybe a month ago, which I intended to use on my armpits. Well, the stuff only pulled a few of the hairs, left a big glop of brown, sticky gook on my pit and it hurt like hell when pulling the strip off. I had to get someone to help me and it didn't go any better.
  5. I wouldn't wax your armpits yourself as the hair there grows in several different directions, it's hard to do it yourself as you can't really see, i'd go to the salon if i were you :smile:
  6. ^^ I agree. It would be very difficult to rip it off at the right angle and to rip it off with the right amount of strength. I had it done at a salon once. It was super quick i found it to be far less painful than any other wax treatment.
  7. I've done this, but with Nad's. Unless you're used to having your armpits waxed, I don't recommend doing this on your own for the first time. I was pretty successful at removing the hair, but I'm already used to it. I agree with the other ladies above me; go to a professional first.