1. Since last time I had such awesome help..I'm going to ask again! No Nordies, Neimans or Sacs here......But when you are out shopping..If you happen to see a LARGE MULTI POCKET...Red/Brick Red......Can you pm me the store name & your SA's name for me? I bought my last MJ purse from the Neiman's in Tx via phone.....I saw Liya's and now I'm hooked...Just figures!!! I appreciate it! Let me know if you see it......I'd be really greatful..I have the small...Now I want the large.....Thanx!! :heart: Emmy
  2. I'll let you know if I see it at my Nordies. I'll give my SA a call this weekend and ask. Is that one of the spring colors or is that an old color? If it's an old color there is no need of me asking because I already know the answer.
  3. ^ I'm almost sure it's an old color...Good to hear from you again! Ok what's the answer...... :smile:
  4. Hi Emmy,

    I talked to Martell at the Saks in Boston (during my search for the Stella) and he was SO NICE. I know he mentioned large multipocket but I didn't ask what colors he had. His number is 617.937.5342. He should also be able to look up the info for you to see if any other Saks have the bag. Good luck!
  5. Emmy, you like bags that are hard to find nowadays. LOL.
    I called my SA at MJ store for you, the company doesn't have any Large Multipocket in Brick Red left. She's pretty sure that Brick Red is a Fall 2005 color.

    If time can be turned back, you could have gotten both Brick Red Lg MP & its matching wallet for less than $500. Wicked & I both turned them down at Nordies SD several few months ago, they were heavily reduced and on their way to Nordstrom Racks.

    Maybe some members will come across BR MP at department stores, outlets, ebay. If it's meant to be, you will find it eventually. Good luck. =)
  6. :P bag.lover..I know I'm a PITA!!! I can't help myself....I've been looking for a red bag and I saw that one and of course I fell in love! dawn71675..Thanx! I'll try calling but as usual I think I'll be going on a wild goose hunt! Thanx for your help...BOTH of you! :heart: Emmy
  7. Emmy try calling the MJ store in New York. I helped someone last week locate a brick red MP. Ask to speak with Gabrielle.
  8. Hi Emmy, I went through the same ordeal, just found out about the brick colour after it went out of stores...frustrating!!
    but Janicemph's help means that one is coming to me soon.
    The order is still in progress, but Gabrielle was able to find me one from the warehouse. you never know, maybe there is another!
    Good luck!

  9. Thanx to both of you! I'll try calling today and will let you know...Bleeker Street right?