Ok ladies...Let's Play....What's In Your Diaper Bag?

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  1. Ok ladies, so on many of the various subforums they have this thread, although a diaper bag is not glamorous to say the least I'm curious to see what you all carry when out and about with your LO. I've got about 6 diaper bags, 3 were given to me but I don't really care for them and one I will use for daycare once I return to work.

    Although I drooled over expensive diaper bags I realized that in order to be practical I wanted an inexpensive bag that I could use as a bag for myself and Kayla. Basicially a bag where if things spilled I wouldn't care because of the cost. In addition, I did not want to carry a handbag plus a diaper bag. I picked up this Guess Tote bag from their Punky collection at Marshall's several months ago, it's original price was $128, I paid $39, I like it because it's large enough to hold everything I need for Kayla plus my essentials:

    Kayla's stuff
    Bottle bag w/nipples and ready feed formula
    4 Bottles and Playtex drop in liners
    In XL bag clear plastic bag (change of clothes, blanket, socks, burp cloth, pacifier, bibs, travel size of Johnson's lotion, Desitin, changing pad)
    Baby Phat wipes holder
    Diaper/wipee holder (holds Pampers)
    Diaper Sacks

    Tonia's stuff
    Makeup Bag (trying to condense but I'm an addict :P) My sister said all you need is a mirror and lipstick, PERISH THE THOUGHT! Curently powder foundation, eyeshadow, lipgloss, lipstick, mascara, travel size fragrance (Vera Wang), makeup brushes, lotion, feminine products)
    House keys
    Car keys
    Hello Kitty makeup mirror
    Hello Kitty photo album full of pics of Kay Kay (just in case someone asks) ;)



    OK ladies, post pics of your diaper bags!!

  2. EVERYTHING! I carry everything in my bag, I seriously need to learn to make it leaner! It's getting heavy.

    -2 changes of clothes
    -burp cloth
    -2 pairs of socks
    -changing pad
    -wipe case
    -my meds I have to take everyday
    -infant tylenol
    -a couple of hair bands
    -2 bottles when we go out
    -2 pacis
  3. I'll contribute to this thread when my LO arrives! :smile:
  4. That doesn't sound bad at all to me! I think it's better to be prepared than to be unprepared, right? ;)
  5. 7 more weeks, YEAH, :smile:how are you feeling?
  6. I feel great except for the peeing every 2 hours thing...LOL. Thanks for asking, divalicioiust!

    Oh I have a question for ya, did the hospital give you a post partum wrap/girdle after you delivered? I am looking to get a couple but if the hospital provides one, then I am only going to get one more.
  7. change of clothes
    2 pacifiers
    band aids
    bottle with full milk

    then i have another complete outfit for my oldest, and ponytail holders, and snacks for both kids too. pretty sure that's it!
  8. Great thread!!! I can't wait until my LO is here and I can post my baby bag stuff :biggrin:
  9. I asked about it the day before I was discharged, my night nurse said the doctor had to approve it before discharging me, but the morning nurse said she would go ahead and give it to me. So, ask about it and depending on how nice the nurse is they will probably just give it to you.

  10. Not much longer for you now. It feels so good NOT to be in the bathroom every 5 minutes, I almost forgot what normal bathroom trips were, lol.
  11. So after the baby turns a year old you scale down a bit right? Does your 4 year old carry a toddler backpack? My friend's 2 year old carries his toddler mini backpack with his sippy cup and snacks and she is now back with her regular LV handbag.
  12. I am loving this thread. This is my first baby so I am taking notes so I will be ready! Thank you all!!
  13. my son started carrying his own little backpack at about 2 [we let him pick it out, it has superman on it...lol]. it had a few diapers, wipes and like you said a sippy and snacks. i was so happy to be able to get back to using my purses...not for too much longer though and it's back to a diaper bag :P

  14. O:huh:O:huh:...OK, thanks so much for the tip! :tup:
  15. Oh my goodness, I have so much to learn, please help me out what is a postpartum wrap? Does it help in getting your uterus to start shrinking?