OK ladies I need your help!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I have decided to track down a scarf for Andy the same as mine (no,not so we can match when we go out!!!) Its the grey and cream cashmere one,if anyone spots one or knows of the whereabouts of one,please let me know and I'll give 'em a call!!!

    Thank you!!!:heart::love::tup:
  2. Ooooo matchy matchy - now that is a sign of true love :p:roflmfao:
  3. Chaz - didn`t they totally sell out of these ??

    Will def keep on the look out for one XXXXXXX
  4. Oi !!! Pack that in,right now!!! Hahahaha!!!:roflmfao:

    Tara,they said they had no more when I rang them,but I'm wondering if any stores will have one left?? I may seriously start to hunt on Monday when Andys back at work,I was just trying to get a sly headstart by asking on here!!
  5. I think you need a baby one too....for Sophie:heart:
  6. Hi Chaz,

    What scarf is it?? there is a shop in stratford for men that sells mulberry i will have a look tomorrow if you tell me what it's like.
  7. Awwww!! That is just too cute!!! Actually Andy calls Sophie a mini me as I dress her very similar to me,not to be matchy-matchy (riffraff,I'm watching you!!) but I wear combat,cargo pants or jeans,long sleeve tops in funky colors and Caterpillar style boots,and dress her in the same type of stuff,I think its a bit better than dresses in this weather,plus the fact she's a climber and I think she'd strangle herself in a dress!! So I dress her very practically,and as I don't do pink that much myself,I kind of buy tops that I find funky rather than girlie.
  8. Cheers Evie,its the grey and cream striped cashmere one,he's tried on mine and loves it,but I really,really don't want to relinquish mine!! And if I start letting him wear mine,it will just be an adoptive thing and I'll never get it back!!!I'll post pics of mine when Andys slept off his hangover!! I tried to pull the image over from the Mulb site,but they must be protected as I could'nt do it.
  9. Chaz
    I see there is a mens mulberry store in covent garden just opened maybe you could try there the number is on the mulberry website
  10. Thank you Jackie,your a star,I'll give them a call tommorow!!!xxxxxxxxxxx:tup:
  11. Ok Chaz,

    I will report back tomorrow. I am also going to Beciester next Saturday so will have a look then.

  12. Good luck on your quest and I really think Sophie needs one too!!!! No Mulberry shops around me or I would certainly go have a look for you!!!
  13. i think i need one it sounds mint. I have this nagging feeling i saw one at beicester b4 xmas why don;t you ring the first thing.
  14. If they have one at Bicester Chaz let me know and I'll pick it up for you if they won't post.
  15. Riff,you are such a sweetie!!! I will give them a call and find out,hopefully(fingers crossed) if ones made its way into an outlet it might be less expensive.I got his wallet from an outlet loads cheaper too. Its just typical though that this sort of thing happens,I ask him months in advance can he think of anything he'd like for xmas,birthdays etc,and its always the same.Then he comes across something and I end up running round like an idiot trying to get said thing so I can stash something away I know he wants.Silly bugger.(him not me!!):roflmfao: