Ok ladies I need some opinions...

  1. My daughter has her semi formal homecoming dance in about two weeks and has shown me what she wants to wear. I told her its wonderful but of course she wont listen to me because "Im supposed to tell her it looks great because Im her mom". :rolleyes: So she has begged me to get opinions from TPF members! Heres pics of the things she wants to wear:



    and then shes going to wear a few thin golden bangles. I think the flats are perfect but she isnt sure if she should wear something fancier. (She also does not want to be taller than her date who is already two inches shorter then her):amuse: Think she made a good decision?
  2. I think it's a gorgeous outfit :nuts::heart: The shoes are really nice and I'd love to have that dress for myself!!! :tup:
  3. Darling! She will look perfect
  4. Wow really cute outfit , where are those shoes from ? I really like them
  5. Hahaha shes looking all pleased with herself when I told her what you guys said! Keep them coming ladies!!! Oh and shes saying be brutally honest. :rolleyes:
  6. Aaaawwww... that's a totally cute outfit. I love it. I especially love the necklace! Very well put together....
  7. those are very cute mix-matching!!! Love the necklace :heart:
  8. I love it. She will look great!
  9. It's super cute!

    It seems a bit casual for homecoming, I thought cocktail dresses were more fitting for this type of event? Or maybe I'm just an old fogie.
  10. Awwww she will look soo cute:biggrin:
    I would wear the whole outfit myself! :tup:
    I love the shoes, where are they from?:biggrin:
  11. Thanks so much ladies! Now she finally believes me. Everything there you can buy from Urbanoutfitters.com
    Also thithi, theirs is semi-formal so it doesnt have to be so dressy. :yes:
  12. I think thats perfect for a semi-formal. The flats are beautiful! I'd wear it!
  13. Love the dress and necklace. I would of picked a shoe with a heel, but maybe she shouldn't if her date is shorter than her.
  14. I love the outfit it's hot for a semi-formal.
  15. very cute outfit!