Ok ladies I finally made my decision...

  1. Many of you probably remember my dilemma- last weekend I purchased the Lockit and couldn't decide whether it was practical enough for me or not. Well I went back to LV over the weekend and looked at many different bags.

    But I do have to mention I fell in love with the Monogram Cabas Piano(even though it has the vachetta bottom), it fits over my shoulder perfectly but in the end I decided on the Popincourt Haut. I think I will get much more use out of this bag since it has shoulder straps and I do not have to worry about the bottom of the bag. But I am definitely putting the Cabas Piano on my wishlist and if I ever come across a reasonably priced used one I might go for it.

    Surprisingly my boyfriend was really interested in helping me with my shopping this time around and he even promised to get me the Shirley for my B-day (mind you it's 3 months away) but I can't wait! :girlsigh:

    Picture 042.jpg
  2. good job (as much as i adore the lockit i agree its really not practical with the vachetta base) i hope your happy with you new purchase use it in good health
  3. Congrats!!! You will love this bag!!!
  4. Thank you naughtymanolo and twoharleygal! I really love this bag,it has great detailing too. Love the zipper pull with the golden orbs.
  5. Congrats, it's a beauty
  6. congrats~~its on my list too!!!!
  7. Its such a cute bag! Good choice.
  8. That's a great bag, I just love the brass balls! I think you made an excellent choice. Enjoy! :wlae:
  9. Congrats!!

    The PH might be my next LV piece as well!
  10. Congratulations!
  11. Congrats on your new bag:yahoo: it's nice.
  12. :yes: Me too! Congrats on your fantastic new bag! :love:
  13. Great choice:smile:
    Glad you found a bag you like.

  14. congrats :yahoo:
  15. congrats...love the PH!
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