OK ladies, here is my 1st BV purchase....

  1. my new Montaigne...

    mlbags...I have also attached a few pictures carrying the Montaigne, with my daily stuff inside, i.e., wallet, cosmetic bags, keys, cell phones, so you can see how it holds up.

    Sorry for the messy background!
    IMG_1099.jpg IMG_1108.jpg IMG_1135.jpg IMG_1136.jpg IMG_1137.jpg
  2. ooooooh! That's beautiful! I so need a red bag, great choice!:tup:
  3. :heart::heart:lovely babyskyblue the bag looks so chic on you and you have such a perfect body for a montaigne! congratulations on your beautiful bag!!
  4. Thanks!!

    I should also say thanks to 24, Faubourg. I fell in love with the red Montaigne after I saw hers as well as her beautiful pictures!!!!
  5. Yay, you started a thread on your Carmino Montaigne. Love the action pics, ab fab, bsb!!! You must be rather tiny, the bag looks quite big on you. I like it with the flaps down as I like the soft boxy shape. Oh, this is really tempting!
  6. Wow! wow! & wow! - each for the action pics!

    Thanks for being such a good sport in getting the action pics for me, very much appreciated.

    Your Montaigne looks better worn on than on the shelf! You wear it very well. I like the combination of the gold hardware on the red colour. It's really strikingly gorgeous. Congrats..... wow, I've no doubt images of your pics will be on my mind for at least a couple of days....
  7. Thanks ladies!!

    Ms piggy, I am a little taller than 5'3" (about 100 lbs). Yes it is a little big on me, but I still went for it because I was in love. :heart::heart:
  8. What a gorgeous BV to start with! Like Ms. Piggy, I prefer the montaigne with the flaps down. The soft boxy shape is just incredible :heart: You look lovely in the action shots! I'm oh so tempted as well :girlsigh:
  9. bsb, I didn’t mean to say the bag is too big on you :s. I was really trying to say you must be quite petite, using the bag as relative judgement as I know the size of the bag. Just over the weekend I saw a lady with a Pergamena Montaigne and it look kinda lost on her (it also didn't help the colour was light, goes to show the Montaigne style really requires a pop of colour). I think the Montaigne is just right on you. You def rock the bag! :tup:
  10. babyskyblue, what a great choice for 1st BV! Congrats! I love your action pics!
  11. Babyskyblue, lovely montaigne! When I saw the montaigne IRL it was smaller than I expected and I am also 5'3", so I don't think it looks too big on you, in fact looks perfect on you!
  12. Wow and WOW! The montaigne looks absolutely wonderful on you! Perfect combination of color and your own style. You made a great and bold choice that you will enjoy for years!
  13. You def picked a winner for your first BV bag, babyskyblue! Enjoy her and all the future compliments coming your way! :smile:
  14. That is a beautiful bag - congratulations!
  15. babyskyblue, you picked such a nice bag as your first BV! Gorgeous combination of color and style. And great action pics, too!