Ok ladies help me...please

  1. So I recently moved to an area with *gasp* NO COACH BOUTIQUE. But I have been wanting a new bag since I last bought my Wiskey Ali in Dec. I want a tote for summer.
    I really think I want the legacy slim tote. But it would mean holding off a few more weeks since I need the funds to take my daughters on vaca for spring break. and I am starting to really itch to buy something.

    SO now I've started thinking I could get the reversible tote now! I like the white and I think the large is a good size, since i have a toddler and will end up throwing her stuff in there.

    What do I do wait it out because I won't really be happy unless I get my first choice? Go for the instant gratification and get the reversible (maybe buy the other later in the summer)? Also how hard would the twill be to clean on the legacy?
  2. I would wait.

    In my experience... I end up buying all kinds of stuff to fill the void of what I wanted in the first place... then I end up buying the thing I wanted in the first place anyways!! :shrugs:

    Wait it out, and get the one you originally wanted when you can... I think it looks a bit more polished. The tote is cute, but it looks a bit younger I think... This is only my opinion though!! :p

    Hopefully some others will chime in here!
  3. I think that you should wait and get what you really love. I don't think you'll ever be happy if you "settle" with something else and you'll always wish you waited. Plus, think how happy you'll be once you've finally gotten the Legacy tote! Hang in there!!
  4. B4B, I do the same exact thing! And, when I do that, I typically end up spending more money than I would have had I got what I wanted to begin with. :push:
  5. As a person who settles all the time, wait it out. I believe the first bag comes out in April? In the long run, you will spend less money and be happier with your purchase. Jmho. :smile: P.S. I really like the first one in that color you chose, also the pink and blue is nice. Not being an enabler, just stating my opinion. Good luck.
  6. I'd wait. the slim tote is gorgeous, and your first choice.
  7. I would wait if I were you. You know you really want the Slim Tote. BTW - beautiful bag.
  8. Another vote for the slim tote. It is TDF!! I think I am going to get it in the legacy stripe.
  9. I'd wait...
  10. I would say wait because I have done it in the past and it will be worth it in the end.
  11. exactly. don't buy something just to buy it. that's how you end up like me, with a closet full of coach that you don't use.
  12. Definately wait, let patience have it's perfect work! The first choice is so much nicer!
  13. Besides the striped tote in white rubs on your clothes and items like your jeans will stain the white stripe. I got mine (reversible) and ended up getting rid of it. It does not have a zipper so you can throw things in it but they would fall out. It is roomy but the ruboff issue is not worth it.
  14. wait because when you finally get what you truly want you will be so much happier. i also agree with Lolitablue, i am not a fan of the dogleash closure because i am paranoid things will fall out of my bag.
  15. I say wait. You'll be happy to get what you really want and you'll be proud of yourself for showing restraint! It sets a good example for your kids, too!