Ok Ladies, help me choose my Jackie!

  1. This is going to be my BIG Fall Kooba purchase..So which color should I get Jackie in?

    Eggplant v. Java?

    Opinions are wanted!!! :yes:
  2. Eggplant all the way Grace! :yes:
  3. This one (eggplant) :biggrin:

  4. I have Jessie and Sienna in raisin..I have Charlie and another Jessie in black.

    'sigh' I love them both! :confused1:
  5. Eggplant for sure. You saw my Katy. It's a neutral color with more pizazze (Is that how you spell that?) that brown. Added to that shiney leather, it looks really classy.
  6. I go for EGGPLANT alll the waay. it looks so beautiful, I want it in that color as well...i may have to save up for it! to me, it's all about being different and you rarely see any handbags in that color...it just adds a great punch of color yet very subtle!
  7. Eggplant. This color makes the bag truly special.
  8. ok! eggplant it is!
  9. Oh Grace, what is that puppy in your avatar?
  10. Another vote for eggplant. Great color!
  11. Mini, that is one of our chow chow pups. A black roughcoat dog. We raise them.

    Eggplant Jackie is on the way. :tup: Thanks for your help, all. :yes:
  12. Can't wait to see some gorgeous pictures......glad you chose the eggplant. It sounds like such a rich unusual color.
  13. Yes, I second the request for photos!
  14. Definitely eggplant. Check the thread on my new Dylan, which is Jackie's little sister. Will give you a good idea what to expect.
  15. yay!! I'm glad you got it in eggplant...next on my list is either the jackie or dylan in eggplant! can't wait to see the pics!!!:smile: