OK LADIES(&GENTS) most important Question of the NIGHT!(hehe j/k)WHICH TO BUY!!!!!!!!

  1. OK GUYS! :smile: so here is my big giant dilema!!!!!!

    I can only buy one these bags right now, only one is in my budget!!!

    There is this Kooba which is selling right now for $535 and i love the red and the leather looks amazing !!!!


    NOW then there is this, Chanel bag which i wasnt too keen on a while back but i am starting to fall in love with it! :smile: I love pink BUT! IT IS THE PETITE SIZE and i dont know too much about that, but i feel like its prob really smalll (ANYONE WHO KNOWS/HAS ONE PLEASEEE POST DIMENSIONS/ A PIC OF YOU WEARING IT!!!!!!!!!!!)

    so here is that one!

    Ok the story with that one is a sort of friend (friend of friend) is selling it and is willing to give me a great deal!!! -LESS THEN THE KOOBA ABOVE!

    The person has the receipt and we are going to meet at the chanel boutique in nyc so i can be sure of authenticity (So thats not an element in my decision)


    The chanel if i dont buy it someone else for sure will,,,, and that will prob be my only chance ever to own that bag as i dont have 1000+ to spend on a bag ever! BUT I AM WORRIED ABOUT THE PETITE SIZE!

    And the kooba i love!!! it is big and great, but more $$
    and I already have 2 koobas and no chanels

    so there are + and - to both and i SERIOUSLY cant decide, PLEASE PLEASE LADIES HELP ME !!!

    thanks girls!
  2. *covers eyes* that Kooba should be in my possession dont show me stuff like that i dont have that kinda money!~

    now i'm going to have to go look at some Koobas! how evil!

    i vote no on that Chanel, i just don't like it for some reason... that Red is to DIE for!
  3. hhehe i KNOW!! isnt the red amazing!?!?! AHHHHHHH this decision is SOOOO HARD!
  4. always chanel.
  5. ps there will be more Chanel honey, dont fret!
  6. hhee :smile: thanks Kallison! so far split opinions HELP!
    hehe :smile:

    DO you know the size of the petite chambon by any chance?
  7. but more chanels at that amazing price?!?!?! (of under $500!!!!)
  8. o no so confused :sad: dont know what to do!
  9. If you're only buying the chanel because it's a good price and not because you love the verstility of the bag, then go for the kooba.

    Honestly, I like the Kooba better anyway (which I know must be some form of blasphemy... but I'm not a fan of this style of chanel.. mostly because I see so many people carrying fake versions of it).
  10. if it weren't for the price, i would have said kooba. but that's a great price for a chanel, you know?
  11. thanks pghandbag for the input! i have looked at that chanel before and liked it a lot since i love pink,, but always passed it by cause i could never spend over a grand on a bag,,, but now that i can have it i want it even more but i am worried about the size,,,,

    oy the kooba is really super nice,,,
  12. kallison I KNOW but as pghandbag said am i just buying it cause its a good pricE?

    i dont think so,,,, but i get so caught up in good deals! AHH :smile: hehe
  13. alright, you obviously LOVE the kooba. do you LOVE the chanel?

    which can you not live without?
  14. but are you going to kick yourself for passing it up? you know what i mean? will that chanel be the "one that got away"?
  15. *coughkoobacough* when i'm rich and famous i'll buy you the Chanel, for sake of my heart get the Kooba! I WANT THE KOOBA lol... live my dream for me will ya woman!?