Ok ladies! Come see my new 2.55 Dark Red Metallic Reissue! I LOVE IT!!

  1. My 2.55 Dark Red Metallic Reissue (Size "225") arrived! YAY!!! :yahoo: The color is GOR-GEOUS. I posted photos below of the handbag with and without flash (just look at the labeling of the *.jpg images).

    The bag came from Chanel Hawaii, so the tags were cut off. I actually called the manager (who sold me the bag) today to ask about this - apparently it's a company policy to cut the tags off. I told them this is the first time for me, where my handbags arrive w/o tags. Both this and the Pink Glazed Lambskin Timeless Classic, both from Hawaii, arrived w/o their tags. Well, it's no big deal. I know it's new since the chains are still wrapped in paper. I told the manager that I have received bags from other Chanel boutiques before (non-department stores) where the tags are still on. Anyway! LOL :p

    Check out how they packaged the purse! With all that paper and the white camelia stuck on the tissue paper inside the box, in the upper right corner! And they seem to have put my bag in a special Chanel box, which I included a pic of. This box seems more solid/sturdy than the black ones they usually come in. Chanel Hawaii really went all out with the packaging! :okay:

    Enjoy the pictures ladies! I can't wait to take her out to use!
    dkredinbox.jpg dkredbox.jpg dkredchain.jpg dkredwithoutflash.jpg dkredwithflash.jpg
  2. Holy Moly!
  3. that is one of the most beautiful chanels i have seen!!
  4. Indeed.. it's GORGEOUS!!! I LUV the color! Congrats!!!!
  5. OOhhh! Can we see it on you! I am sure it will look amazing on you.
  6. OMG! The bag is sooo gorgeous! Love it! Congats!
  7. Beautiful!

    I bought my Blue LAX tote from Hawaii and same thing....no tags attached!
  8. Love. Love! LOOOOVE! I am SO peeved that I haven't seen that red (not even at the pre-order trunk shows) because I'd have ordered it, without question. I'm very picky about the shades o red bags (Too blue. Too orange. Not a "cheery" enough red) and while this shade of red isn't what I'd think of as my holy grail red, it's ideal. Between the style of the bag, the hardware, the shade and the metallic, it's absolutely to die for. Since I'm a platinum/white gold/silver person, I never though I'd consider purchasing a Chanel bag with gold hardware but as a whole package, your bag is perfection and I wouldn't want to make any substitutions. I'd just go figure out where my the yellow gold jewelry went and break out my late mother's ruby and garnet jewelry.

    I'm totally jealous!
  9. So pretty congrats!!
  10. Magnificent!!!
    :woohoo:Modeling Pix :woohoo:Modeling Pix :woohoo:Modeling Pix:woohoo:
  11. oh, simply stunning! enjoy your new baby, she's gorgeous!!
  12. congrats! Gorgeous colour!
  13. smoking!!! :tup:
  14. Wow, it's stunning. You are one lucky lady. Gorgeous color!! Congrats!!:okay:
  15. I LOVE this color! Congrats, it's gorgeous!