ok ladies, black or white for my speedy

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  1. multicolor speedy 30,
    Black or White? i think both colors go with everything, but white gets dirty fast? whats ur opinion?
  2. My vote is for white. And they do not get dirty easily.
  3. i like black ones better.
  4. depends if you want to use it all yr around, and where you live.
    I have white and only use it for the summer, because i live in the land of cold and snow. I have a blk alma I use for the fall winter months.
  5. my vote is for white.
  6. i only like the line in white. it's so much prettier and more feminine, and it doesn't get dirty easily
  7. i live in WA D.C. and we have four seasons lol. crowded city
  8. White, I do not like the black
  9. I have to agree with the white in the speedy. :smile:
  10. White.:smile:
  11. White....it doesn't get as dirty as people think it does. Plus the colours on the white mc do look more feminine.
  12. OK! WHITE IT IS! my first choice was white too, but last time i saw this girl on TV with the black one and it doesnt look bad either lol
  13. White all the way!!

    Black is hot, too though...I just like the white the best:smile:
  14. I think the white is cuter, but I think I'd personally get more use out of the black.
  15. If I had to choose, I would go with white..
    Im not a fan of the MC speedy either way though, I just dont like the style of the bag! Goodluck choosing a color!