Ok Ladies and Gents Question time

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  1. What was your best deal on Coach?

    I always hear about the awesome finds everyone has..so spill em! haha
  2. I've had a couple of good deals...I think my Poppy patent spotlight was a pretty good deal at $175.00...As well as a couple of my Fobs were like $9.99 @ the outlet, they were the Scorpio(Zodiac fob), Legacy lip gloss fob.$19.00 and I got my Poppy Tartan wristlet in red/black for $26.00..So I'm liking the fact that Outlet shopping is a Better way to go!!!!I will only shop at the FP store for Fobs or a wristlet that probably will not make it to the Outlet's.Out of the 4 bags I have , only 1 was purchased @ a FP store my Op art sm./med. Sabrina...As well as I only own 1 MFF bag and that is my Lg. Zoe!!!!!
  3. yes, lots of good outlet deals....but my best was getting the new poppy hobo at the oulet for $166!!!!! org. $298......so the story is, when i got it from JAX i thought i strap was backwards so i went up to my outlet and returned her, then a few dats later someone on here got the same bag and that is how the strap was made!!!!! soooo, silly me, i go back to the outlet and they still had, and they where selling it for 30% off and there was a 20% coupond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! crazy me
  4. Not really crazy...You got a better deal!!!!
  5. my best coach deal was the day that i went to the canadian niagara falls outlet. they were running a 20% off coupon between christmas and new years, so with that and the regular 30-50% off of full price i got 2 zoes (large sig and medium leather) a wristlet and a mini for $394 AFTER TAX. i laughed all the way home :smile:

    my mom didn't understand what was making me so happy until i explained to her that i got all of that for less after tax than just one of those bags would have been before tax in the fp store lol
  6. macy's-- my eggplant brooke was 133.00 out the door after all the discounts!
  7. My 2 Leighs for $104 each, at outlet.
    This was before the 20% coupons too.
  8. Well my signature spotlight I got it for $119 after all the coupons, my berry garnet for $119 as well. A 389.99 mad leather mini hobo for $90
  9. Coach Fayth Boots
    Original Price was $350, they were on sale for 169, including the PCE which is %25, the total was $134.36...BEST DEAL EVER! :yahoo:
  10. A couple of weeks ago, I found a mahogany Bleecker Shoulder Flap Bag at the outlet. It is from 2008 and retailed for $548. I got it for $130.
  11. Um, I'm not sure what my best deal is or was...

    I bought my Courtney for under $460 on PCE ... I love that bag.
  12. I think my best deal was a cinnamon parker hippie at the outlet for $108 before tax. I think it was the only one my outlet even got.
  13. My Coach Hampton's Tote! Originally $300+ retail, mine for $50!!!
  14. I think my best deal was a black sig duffle I had a couple of years ago. I got it at the Primm outlet for $60. I don't remember the retail, but I do remember it was a good discount. Next is my Sabrina I just got. It was $165, and it retail for $298. I think that's a pretty good deal
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    Last edited: Feb 22, 2010
    My favorite deal is the first coach bag I ever purchased and the only one I've gotten (so far!) at the full price boutique store. I had won a $100 Amer Express gift card at my company's holiday party in 2008. I didn't use it right away and in May, 2009 I decided to use it to take advantage of the Mother's Day sales to get a nice, new purse. I'd never even looked at coach bags because I thought that they were "too expensive for me" but a friend gave me a"coupon" from American Express for $100 dollars off a $300 purchase on your AMEX card at a retail coach store before Mother's Day.

    I thought "Wow, maybe I could get a really nice purse!" so I took the coupon and the gift card and my Costco AMEX card to the FP coach store. I made a plan before I went - I wouldn't spend more than $200 out-of-pocket and I wouldn't buy a bag that I didn't really love just because it was good deal. I had never spent $200 on a purse before so that was a big step for me! I was also determined to buy a "practical black bag" that I could use all year round and that would be in style for a long time.

    When I walked into the coach store my eyes immediately fell on a Parker Op Art Convertible Hippie in Khaki and Rosegold #13420 and I fell in love! I put it on my shoulder and it felt like it has always belonged there! Forget the practical black bags! It was so light and shiny and the leather was so soft and it was perfect for spring and summer!

    I kept it on my shoulder as I carefully checked out all the other bags in the store but none of the others grabbed me quite as much as that hippie. At $278 dollars FP it was far from an expensive FP coach bag but that's not why I bought it - I just loved it, and it started me on the road to having a coach obsession.

    I needed to spend over $300 before tax to use the coupon so I added a $10 bottle of signature fabric cleaner and a $28 trigger snap keychain to use with the accessory ring. After the coupon and the gift card I paid $132.74 out-of-pocket for everything!

    Later I bought a small, hobo, unlined vintage swingpack at a consignment store and then I discovered the outlet factory store and the TPF forum and I was hooked. All of my subsequent purchases have been from the outlet store - including some practical, black bags!

    I think my fovorite outlet deal has been the FP delete bleecker checkbook wallet #41549 that I got for $72 dollars (MSRP $248)!