Ok Ladies (an the odd gent or two)...

  1. Here's the deal. It's late (I'm an American living abroad). My husband is at yet another business dinner (yes on a Fri night). The kids are asleep. It's just me, a bottle of Chablis and his credit card. What should I buy? Keep it under $1000 girls or I'll be in serious trouble.
  2. A big prezzie for him so he lets you have $2,000 worth of bags? ;)

  3. Nice theory, but he doesn't like gifts. Strange, I know.
  4. Wow, he sounds perfect, has he got any brothers?

    I'm thinking you might buy a handbag maybe...? ;)

  5. Do you like handbags? May be an LV?
  6. buy a LV off elux or louboutins off NAP/NM/Saks ;).
  7. :biggrin: Keep drinking and that $1,000 will turn to $2,000 real quick! Drinking makes shopping much more fun...
  8. I do love LV, but my last LV purchase was just 2 days ago (from a PF member :cool: )
  9. i say some manolos or louboutins. a woman can never have enough shoes!
  10. Ally, you make a good point. Shoes are a must. Without them, how could we walk outdoors? If I keep shopping, he'll never go out for a business dinner again. hahahahaha!
  11. i need to get married to my bf so i can use that excuse! he is alllwaays working :sad:. it'll be nice if i can get some reward outta it :biggrin:
  12. Yeah! You could get a pair like yeuxhonnete (see the thread "Speaking of weddings") They are gorgeous! I copied her picture.