Ok Kids...lol..lets Organize This Forum!

  1. Im in the process of getting a reference library set up for Gucci..Please let me know any thoughts..ideas...and suggestions to make it a great forum.
    Let me know via PM or in this thread
    Thanks guys..This forum will ROCK!!;)
  2. Lets Sticky This!...
  3. How about pictures of Guccis like in the Prada forum? No comments, only pictures.
  4. ^YEP.......
    Give me all the names of all the collections you have so I can reference each line too..THANKS!
  5. It would be nice to have a section with visual aids like the LV forum,where members have pics of their collection modeled.It really helps to have visuals!
  6. Actually I don't know the collection names for most of my bags. I have a horsebit bag w/a GG print and two evening bags from the Tom Ford at Gucci era I think, one with a dragon and one with bamboo. Not sure which collection the "scarf" bags are. And there are vintage bags. Are we posting current season only bags?
  7. ^NOPE...ANY and ALL gucci..Includ accessories.
    I will section out the Britts,Blondies,logo bags,totes,hobos..etc..LMK if you think of anything else!
  8. I think for the vintage Gucci reference thread it would be helpful to say prior to what year is deemed vintage...5 years old? 10 years old? 15 years?
  9. ^Id say greater than 1o years is Vintage..what do you guys think??
  10. I posted my bags in the wrong section then. Only one of them is more than 10 years, the rest are under 5 or so. I think 10 years is a good cut off. Maybe we should even have a section just for Tom Ford designs? His Guccis are my favorites!
  11. woooooooooo-whoooooooooo, you R*O*C*K Jill, i'm so happy you're here :yahoo:
  12. I've spent the last week checking out Balenciaga threads. They have one where everyone shows pics of themselves with their bags showing how they compliment their outfits. I really enjoyed it. You got to see how the bags looked on everyone, depending on their height, etc. Just a thought. Maybe this thread is already up but I didin't see it?
  13. ^Good idea!
  14. I really love to see pics, but sometimes I like to compliment people's great collection. I couldn't find the comment only thread here (like LV does) for those great bags (same thing in Chanel forum). Could you open a comment thread? Thanks.