OK--just HOW delicate is lambskin?? I just spoke with a SA re

  1. the brown lambskin with a sheen and she said that it seems a little more durable because of that sheen, but I have little kids--will this bag get scratched to pieces??
  2. lambskin IS more duarble than it used to be, but I'd never recommend it for daily wear if you REALLY wear your bags.
    It's a fnatstic choice for an evening bag or a once in a while bag though.
  3. I have one lambskin bag, it's the beige cambon bowler. It was my first chanel bag when it was launched a few years ago. Anyways I have only worn it a few times and I have found the lambskin is so delicate it starts to wear off at the edges of the bag where it may have been knocked around. Since then it's caviar leather all the way.
  4. The Cambons are not lambskin, they're calfskin.
    It's a common misconception:yes:
  5. Lambskin gets scratched easily.. I was disappointed when I got a caviar flap before as a gift, but it turned out that I love the caviar more than the lambskin now.
  6. what is the leather on the re-issues? is it durable? and anyone know if the 226 is bigger than the med/large classic flap? thx
  7. I have one lambskin bag, and I am very careful with it. It's not an everyday bag, but you can't beat the look of lambskin - so buttery soft looking.
  8. I think it depends. Here's an example of a 25 year old lambskin bag that I posted in the vintage thread.

    It's quilted and it can stand up to a beating. This bag has been through rain, snow and chemicals to get the mildew out:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    ETA - I think the style of lambskin bag will make it more durable. I think the quilting helps to hide any real damage.
  9. Wow, that 25 year old bag looks almost brand new!!!!
  10. ^^ I put it away in the '90s when bags were very plain and minimal and chain straps were so passé.

    I've carried it off and on, for years and years. I don't even take that good care of it. I think it's the quilting that keeps it looking okay.
  11. I love that bag -- what a keeper!