OK just got back from vacation and I gotta know.......

    See how addicted I am?
  2. OK Silly me....now I see the lucky winner is displayed!!
    Congrats Nunnla!! Great bag.
  3. Welcome Home miss. Liz!!!! glad you are home safely!!!
  4. Welcome back Lizard woman!

    Yes, Nunnla was the very lucky lady who picked up that gorgeous plum Lucy. We're hoping she'll show us some pics in due course.
  5. Are you guys talking about the one from the movie? The Holiday or something? I forgot to keep an eye on that and it wasn't in my 'watch list'
  6. Yes that's the one Posk.....very nice. I'm glad Nunnalo got it. I would have been tempted to bid for sure if I had remembered to bring my charger for my laptop (geeezzz what a ditz I am!)

    It looks beautiful......hear there are some nice Kooba pewters in "some" gals possession around here. Gonna have to find myself one of those Elishas....Shewolfy's pics of her new Elisha are FAB!!:tup:
  7. Congrats to nunnla! Good for her. Lovely bag.