Ok...just a heads up

  1. I went to the baseball game tongiht, and I'm a bit drunk, so please ignore any crazy statements...

    Unless of coure they're super profound.
  2. Lay 'em on us....
  3. The statements, I mean....
  4. what game did you go to?
  5. woo! i'm drunk too!

    i think i'm smarter when i'm drunk, personally.
  6. I've heard nothing brilliant thus far...........
  7. :popcorn: cool. we need a topic.
  8. wait - did you go to the Dodger/Marlin game???

    Did my boys win?
  9. Here's a topic....Charles disappeared. Is he....

    A.) Passed out
    B.) Praying to the porcelain god
    C.) Taking the longest pee ever
    D.) None of the above
  10. I think Charles is lost...
  11. No n..i'ts AA baseball. Dollar beer night! We won!
  12. What's going on?
  13. E) Making drunken phone calls to people
  14. ahhh, yes...drunk dialing
  15. I wish I had a few drinks right now!!!!