OK Jo - where's the new bag then?

  1. Calling Flyvetjo - so where are the pics of your purchase???
    Want to hear all about your Mulberry weekend and what you bought. :yes:
  2. Gonna jump in shower - get dressed then do a modelling pic!!!!!!
    Had a lovely day in London. Had a browse around Harrods and had the most expensive turkey sandwich ever for lunch! Then couldn't wait any longer to go to Mulberry so went to the Brompton street shop. By then I'd definately made up my mind it would be a black Antony bag- the assistant was very helpful . (it was v quiet in the shop - I hate empty shops as you feel all eyes are on you as you enter!!!) I tried on a black Antony just to double check I liked it and then she got me a brand new one from the store room to buy - I checked it all over and bought it!!! YAY !! They do take the tags off in that store but that doesn't bother me as I won't be parting from it!!! I had my bayswater with me so she didn't give me a collonil lecture- just said that i was obviously familiar with Mulberry and there was a care card in the bag. Walked out on a high.
    Then hot footed it over to Covent Garden and had a look at the Orla Kiely store- that was much smaller than I imagined!!
    Then went over to meet DH in the city and have a coffee. The look on his face when he saw a Mulberry bag!!! I quickly pointed out to him that it was my xmas money I had spent and it had only actually cost 'us' £20 - BARGAIN!!!
    But think he'll kill me if I buy any more bags in the near future- hence I might be buying a wallet at the May meet!! hey - i can hide that in my bag and he'll never know!!!!
    Gonna jump in shower now!!!
  3. Terrible isn't it when we come on here before even showering & getting dressed. I'm the same - sitting here in my jammies!! Will do the same and pop back later to see your modelling pics.
    So glad you had a good time.
  4. Hahahaha!! Guilty of that too!! And I'm still in my pj's,so is Sophie,but its so cold outside I'm not really planning to go anywhere today,so I've not bothered getting either of us dressed!!!
    And I tart myself up a bit for pics too!!

    But it sounds like you had a great time!!! Congratulations on your new addition to your Mulberry clan!!:tup:
  5. Congrats, would love to see your new Anthony! The leather smell of a new bag, ahhh...
    Glad you had a great time in London.
  6. Glad you had a great time and can`t wait to see the latest edition !!!
  7. here's a piccie. Not tarted up but at least I'm dressed!!!!!!!!

    img_0657 (2).jpg
  8. Looks fabulous Jo.
  9. Gorgeous bag!!! It really suits you,well done and congratulations!!!!!!!!:tup::love:
  10. I can imagine if your out walking,or giving the dogs a run,that sort of bag would be super useful,for your house keys,fone etc.
    I'd wear it under my coat tho so the pooches did'nt jump up on it!!!
  11. Looks great! That style of bag really suits you.
  12. Also v useful when shopping with 3 little boys and need to be handsfree!!!!!!:okay:
  13. In that case its a shame they don't come with an extra pair of hands!!!
  14. Looks great, and practical too, can't go wrong....did you get a Harrods reward card, it's just like Boots or Tesco, collect points and turn them into money! ;)
  15. Very nice bag- it looks great on you.