Ok, I've narrowed it down, but I need help!

  1. Some of you may have noticed I've had my big fat toe in the door of this forum for a couple weeks :shame: and I've been doing a lot of research here. The information here is amazing! Kudos to you all for compiling all of it, its great! :yahoo: I really appreciate all the work that's been put into the various guides.

    So.... my question is this: I've decided after a lot of thought that I'd like a Birkin but I'm really torn in terms of material. I want one with palladium HW and in BLACK (for starters :p ) and I like the look of togo and clemence both. I just can't decide WHICH skin would be better. I live in a rainy climate so it needs to be able to repel rain. (I like the pebble-y, smooshy look as well.) The other issue is WEIGHT, I've heard conflicting things... is clemence heavier than togo?

    I go to Paris a couple times a year so if I can't find a bag stateside I'll try my luck there, hopefully, sometime in April. I could kick myself because I was in Paris in November but was still undecided about whether I wanted a Birkin... silly me :rolleyes: :shame:

    Thanks ladies. :heart:
  2. Roo, Here is a pic of my togo kelly and clemence evelyne for reference...good luck with your decision!
    Hermes II 083 Medium Web view.jpg Hermes II 085 Medium Web view.jpg
  3. Well, this may help you with your decision. One of our members heard from the Paris Mothership that new bags in black will not be done in Togo for awhile - only Clemence.
    Some people say it's slightly heavier than Togo. In a 30cm Birkin, it's not that big of a deal and will also slouch much less than a 35cm.
    I love black with palladium!
  4. or u can choose black in chevre, it is so much lighter than togo or clemence~~~ My HAC is black in chevre with pal, I love it to death:lol: :lol:
  5. Hi Roo! I have a Kelly in togo and have just ordered a 30 cm black chevre with Pall h/w (Birkin). I love the togo (it smells so good). Like GT, said, togo may be hard to get so chevre may be an option?
  6. Roo, is that a little chihuahua in your avatar?
  7. As Greentea pointed out, you may not have to make that decision, since you may be more likely to find Clemence than Togo. I find the weight of them to be exactly the same, so I wouldn't consider that to be much of an issue - in a 35 though, these are both quite heavy so expect to have to get used to it a little. I can also vouch for Clemence in the rain - does absolutely perfectly!
  8. Rose, that's a toy fox terrier. Isnt she cute? :love:
  9. Thanks ladies! I actually like the look of the clemence more, so that will work out well. Now I just have to FIND ONE... :nuts:

    I am also torn on SIZE. I am tall and BIG so I think a 30 would be too small...?
  10. Roo, I highly recommend Togo. I live in a rainy climate too and they've held up beautifully. Of course that's not to say I stand out there when it's pouring with the bag. I'm a newbie Clemence owner so I can't speak to its rain repellancy but as far as weight, it seems to be equal to (if not lighter) than my Togo. Togo is more pebbly than Clemence--think raised cobblestone vs. flat tiles--also holds its shape slightly better than Clemence from what I've read here.
  11. I think 35 is more practical.

    Btw, I'm rooting for you to get yours! :yes:
  12. Well congrats to you on getting whatever!! You can't go wrong, really...buy whichever size is comfortable for you....IMO!
  13. Hey Roo -

    Welcome to the orange side! :p

    Have you considered Fjord instead of togo or clemence? It is apparently the most water repellent leather and it has a beautiful grain. Also - keep your eye on ruthenium HW...I just got a ruthenium/Black and I can't say enough about ruthenium - more suble than the bright palladium, yet edgy at the same time. I just love ruthenium/black combos.

    As for the difference between togo and clemence, well my clemence is too new to comment, but my togo wallet looks as good as the first daygot it and I've used it everyday for over a year.

    Either way - sounds like great choices!
  14. I prefer clemence to togo - weight is very similar, but clemence has this nice soft-to-touch that togo doesn't have.

    I think both the 30 and 35 are great sizes - what do you plan to use it for? As a work bag, the 35 is much better (can hold folders and papers without folding), but the 30 is great as a purse/for shopping.

    My understanding is that both are similar in terms of water repellancy - HG's leather book in the reference section should be able to help you out there.
  15. Roo, I feel you've made a great decision and have been given some great advice.....and now only have to fine tune the details. You can't go wrong with a Black Birkin in your wardrobe. You can wear it with almost everything.