OK. I've GOT to stay OFF the internet!!!!!

  1. See? Always when you're not ready do you find the exact thing you want! :blink:

    I swear.....one of these babies better show up when I'm ready. :sad:

    Isn't it pretty though? The only thing wrong with it (besides the timing) is that it's not vintage. Size? Perfect. Color? Pretty close to perfect.
    Condition? Perfect. Price? :cry:

    Will they ALL be this pricey??? Even an old one????
  2. I know what you mean! I do the same thing. I love That color ostrich!
  3. I feel the same way shopmom!!! I want almost everything I see! Especially from Pete & Mario, LOL :lol: That ostrich Kelly is very, very nice :biggrin:
  4. ohhhhh that bag is so gorgeous. i totally understand you! ;)
  5. LOL!! Shopmom, I saw this a few days ago and was wondering how long it would take you to find it!
  6. Lovely shopmom...I can understand your frustration on this one! It is a beauty.
  7. aw i saw that one too! i love it as well!
  8. Don't think I'm a good influence here but that bag is so gorgeous!! It's 28cm RIGIDE and in almost new condition!! The price is steep for an E stamp though.
  9. Had to take another look - I just love ostrich!
  10. I spied it on eBay, too, but figured you MUST have already seen it!! Perhaps the Hermes Gods are encouraging you.....they're sending all your "wants" your way!!!!!!!:graucho:

    Hey - I've got an idea.....how about you covet a nice, vert anis/chartreuse Kelly and when you get it I'll buy it off you!!!:lol: :flowers:

    Every Girl needs an ostrich Kelly, IMO!!!!!:biggrin:
  11. Kristie, what color ostrich Kelly do you want?

    Make mine a Blue Roi 28 with palladium!
  12. Ok....you guys are NOT helping!!!! It's so pretty.....and when I'm ready for it, I won't be able to find one!!!! THIS is my karma, Kristie......

    Well.....I think I'll take my mind off it and start chanting, "Chartreuse...chartreuse.....chartreuse......chartreuse"

    But do you guys think that a Vintage Ostrich will be as much as this one??????? How much do you think I'm going to have to set aside????
  13. ohhhh - I'm the wrong person to ask (still haven't lost my Kelly virginity - :lol: )......but i must admit, I think a little more "worn-in" look of a vintage ostrich would look great (it's own "ostrich" patina, if you know what I mean?!)......she IS a glorious bag, though!

    Ohhh - GT, colour......I think a gorgeous brown or tan..I've actually seen a grey shade that looked surprisingly good, but I hadn't really thought too much about it (no exotics for me for awhile!!:smile: - gotta get the basics first!!!)....but I tend towards the neutrals in ostrich for some reason....?:rolleyes:
  14. Nice shopmom!! Love it!! Have you offered less???????