Ok, I've got all my new purses and my mj stam and here are the pics!

  1. Ok, I wanted to finally post the pics of my MJ collection today before i send a few things out, and before the electric blue clutch arrives.

    Next additions will be the topaz stam, the regular leather venetia and a few more items.


    blue/tan shoes

    multicolored wedges

    mj capra brown and purple (from thithi)

    metallic purple venetia

    cherryblossom multopocket

    white marc jacob pan-am bag

    cola ursula bowler

    black mj hobo

    greem mj sunnies

    my first mj, the mj stam hobo in cashew

    family photo
  2. You have a very beautiful collection! Congrats!!
  3. thanks Melly, following in your footsteps
  4. Very pretty bags! Do you have a family shot? My favorite is the quilted venetia.
  5. Lovely bag....congrats!
  6. Beautiful collection! I like your cashew stam hobo!
  7. Oh wow Aggie beautiful bags! I love your Capra, shoes are pretty too!
  8. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Pretty MJ collection! Nice diversity.
  10. Gorgeous bags Aggie!! I love the family photo. They look so beautiful sitting in a row like that. I have the same Cherry Blossom MP as you and I adore it. Congrats on them all!
  11. Nice collection congrats! :smile:
  12. Great collection!! Congrats!! love MJ shoes:smile:
  13. I Love it all! My favorite is the MJ Cola ....I could eat that up...simply gorgeous!:drool:
  14. :tup::yahoo::tup::heart::love:
  15. :yahoo:Yay thanks everyone, i'm so excited, lol about all my new additions in the last week and a half and i'm already looking for my next addition. Thanks Melly, thithi, ashleekieu, annabelle, momo, mahbag, shoebuyer37, luvpurses, beany, kbell, ghost 55 and muggles. Whew, I got all your names, hope I didn't leave anyone out!