Ok i've become an mj "ho" and i've got the bills to prove it.

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  1. I just realized, I'm an mj ho. I have bought 6 mj bags and one paif of sunnies in the last week. I will be posting pics, cuz i haven't received them all yet.

    1. The white mbmj pan am bag

    2. The mj bowler in cola

    3. The mj small multipocket in cherryblossom

    4. The mj Capra in bown with purple stiping (from thithi, thanks thithi for enabling me!, just wanna give a shout out.)

    5. the mj purple metallic patchwork venetia

    6. the mj hobo in black

    ps. i bought a pair of sunnies in green

    whew, that took alot outta me, i'll post picks when i get em, oh i also bought a 2800$ pair of diamond earrings and a diamond watch. now i owe myself several thousand dollars, but not to worry, i've got it under control.
  2. did you win the lottery??? j/k. Congragulations, can't wait to see pictures
  3. lol dang my "r" key wasn't working very well, lol so lots of "r"s are missing, lol no i didn't win the lottery, just said what the heck and bought all i wanted, not i can't buy anything else till christmas. lol i dunno if that was a good bargain, but i gotta stick with that deal, got my hubby a rotary watch too, just in time for his bday, lol he knows i'm getting packages this week, and has been asking me what are they and i said they're for him and me not to worry about it
  4. wow! that's a lot in a week! Congrats on all the great purchases! :choochoo:
  5. OK, now I don't feel so bad for myself :p. In the past month I have bought three bags and now I am pining after a ZC. Congrats on your bags, can't wait till you post some pics!:yes:
  6. You're not a ho. "Ho"'s sleep around with many. You're exclusive to just marc.

    If anything, you've got a dedicated relationship with MJ. ;)
  7. lmfao luna, that's so nice of you to make my relationship with marc official, but i've committed to him, i'm not sure if he's committed to me yet. well, i will keep proving my love and well have a long and happy union. love the bags next acquisition is an alyona and a topaz stam, i am gonna show a family paic later, when they all come
  8. Awesome collection so far Aggie. Cant wait to see the pics. Wait till hubby sees you taking taking family pictures of you bags....:weird:
  9. You have officially joined the club! Don't worry the spending usually goes in phases....and that's only because you have to take time to pay off your card! Don't forget to post pics :smile:
  10. ok my hubby has been mad at me lately, lol he keeps saying why are there so many packages coming. lol i've been very bad, i'll have to distract thim somehow.
  11. Walk around naked. that'll distract him.

  12. Tell him they're early Christmas presents. :p
  13. :drinkup::party: