OK Its official: I have been bitten by the Chanel bug!!!

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  1. Oh, ladies...I was soooo happy bc for awhile I could not see myself carrying anything else than LV...however, thanks to your lovely pics on this forum, my SO and I wandered into NM today and...it was over from there.:sweatdrop: :heart:

    They must have just gotten a new shipment of Chanel bags in at the Scottsdale location, bc it was stocked!!!:yes:

    I fell in love with a large tote that was black with black patent CC's on it AND a black classic flap with silver hardware...my SO even loved it, and he is pickier than me!! LOL:drool:

    We then proceeded to the shoe section where I tried on the MOST delicious black Chanel ballet flats that had a patent leather toe...I almost got them but then decided that I would rather save up alittle more $$ and get a bag.

    Speaking of the Classic flaps, the smaller one that I was looking at was $1050, I believe...they had a larger Classic flap there that was white but I can't remember the price...

    *how much is the larger (jumbo??) Classic flap and which one do you ladies prefer*

  2. Jumbo is 1695$...
    my friend and I were playing around with the bags and tryed one on at the sf location this past weekend....let me show you:

    Ill be going back next month to purchase it..hehe I love the JUMBO

    sorry for the pic, had to edit our faces out :shame:

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  3. ^Thanks for the pic!! LOL Cool 'disguise'!! :smile:

    In your opinion, does the larger size justify the extra $$$??

    HOT bag BTW!!
  4. I love my Jumbo. Aside from looking really great on, it holds quite a bit.

  5. Yes, it does justify the extra $100. the jumbo is what it is J-U-M-B-O lol
    but it looks great on, its a huge bag, lots of room. Im deciding between a casual black caviar one or the blue one in that pic, the blue deff has more character. Ill be going back within the new few weeks to get it!
  6. I love my jumbo also! It is a great everyday bag and so well worth the $100 extra.
  7. ^^ ITA! I love my Jumbo size too. I would spend the extra $$, you will not be disappointed.
  8. LOL...the same thing happened to me. LV was my first designer handbag and from there I went to Dior, then Gucci, YSL, and now Chanel. I've learned to not limit myself. There are just to many beautiful handbags to be bought.
  9. beautiful jumbo
  10. love Chanel classic flap bag! so classy!
  11. its one of the bags i would love to have in all,each and every color LOL

    go 4 it =)
  12. Go for the jumbo! I love it!