OK, it's been asked before, but please bear with me

  1. I'm going to a really important job interview tomorrow. It's for the perfect job for me (at least at this point in my career). I plan to wear a Banana Republic twinset with a black Prada matte jersey skirt and black Manolo Mary Janes.

    I'll have tons of papers to carry, so I'd like to bring my BJ Birkin, but does this exude "I'm too good for this job"? Though I :heart: my job and all the kids I work with, I have to admit that I don't work in a profession that's known for being high-profile or glamorous. And they're mostly women, which might make a difference (more likely to recognize Hermes bags, and might be catty).
  2. well, i say bring the Birkin but in a neutral colour because BJ is gorgeous but very very distracting to the eye because its so pretty.
  3. P, what's your alternative to the BJ Birkin? I think it should be fine since you're dressed conservatively. Perhaps you could carry the bag with the H-stamp facing inwards if you're concerned about recognition--they might be wondering but wouldn't know for certain that way. Your black Kelly would be a great alternative.
  4. Princess, I would think twice before bringing the BJ birkin to the interview, the outfit you're going to wear is mostly dark color (what's the color of the twinset?) and sophisticated..and BJ birkin is just a bit "flashy" to me and I certainly wouldn't want people to get an impression of you " you're too good for this job" thingy..you know, maybe a blk kelly will be more suitable (if I remembered correctly, I think you have a 35 blk kelly right? If so, it will be able to fit in all you papers as well) :yes:
  5. I do have a black 35 Kelly. Great choice. I just preferred the Birkin a little more 'cuz it's so easy to get in/out of, but I totally understand your responses. BTW, the twinset is sky blue.
  6. Leave it at home. Your gut feel would most likely be right that women can be catty, and over a Hermes - not unexpected.

    I never ever see a Birkin being discreet. Even for anyone who does not know Hermes, will give it a second look because of its rich leather and bright colour, and then you know what, the women will talk about it, and the true value of the bag will be unveiled, and then that's it. You risk losing your opportunity at a new job. Not because you are not good enough, but because some women judged you by your bag. How sad is that.:sad:
  7. Oooh....I'd definitely go with the 35cm Kelly then.
  8. I would take neither. Leave Hermes at home and take something neutral. You are interviewing with women and you know (I hate to say it but it's true) how jealous and catty women can be. You want this job, it's perfect, it's in an industry that's not very 'flashy', so don't flash.
  9. Awww...I know the skyblue will match beautifully with the BJ birkin..:love:...and I too prefer to use birkin than kelly cuz it's easier to get access of your stuffs,, but if this job is so important to you, I wouldn't want to take any chance of not getting it, plus you already pointed out there might be catty out there, I'd say leave it at home and bring the kelly ;)
  10. Totally agree!
  11. I have to second this comment. There will be time enough to wear the bag when you've got the job. Good luck!
  12. P - go and buy a black GP tote - it will match the outfit, be understated, you'll be able to lug all your stuff AND you get a new bag out of the bargain!
  13. I would say Black Kelly 35, but hello brings up a good point.....any other bag you have that is classy and professional that will go with your outfit?

  14. i TOTALLY AGREE!!! Wear the bags once youre sure you got the job!!!:graucho:

  15. Right. If you really want this job, common sense says leave the H at home. You can celebrate with an H bag outing when you've got the job.