Ok..is there a FULL Moon tonight or what? STRANGE!!

  1. Ok..the strangest thing just happend!:wtf:

    I was just showing my DH pictures of the new Azur Line..I want a Speedy 30...He's one of those types..that just doesn't get my passion for LV..(although..he lets me indulge..he just doesn't get it).....

    Ok..here's the strange part...I showed him the picture and said.."I think I'll buy this when the the new line comes out in November"...He said.."its pretty.."....then asked his usual question.."HOW MUCH IS IT"..when I told him the current price of the Damier Speedy 30..(which I assume the Azur should be close)..he was like.."NO WAY..it cannot be that cheap!"...when I flipped over to E-luxury...to prove my point...he raised his eyebrows and said..."HUM...get one if you want"
    WHAT...what...WHAT?!?...:wtf: :wtf:

    Is he on Crack?? LOL..(just kidding about that)...He never responds that way!

    I'm holding him to it..and I'm going to call LV tomorrow to see if I can get on the waiting list...:yes:

    There must be a full moon out tonight..cause this is just too strange!:wtf:
  2. Full Moon...Crack....whatever it is...let's hope it spreads
  3. maybe he just got used to the $1,000 + handbags!
  4. LOL...I am taking my DH next week to check out Azur..keep my fingers crossed..
  5. Hahaha, this is such a cute sorry! ;)
  6. hee hee......:roflmfao:

    congrats, you trained him well!!! get it BEFORE he changes his mind!!:graucho: :roflmfao:

    my DH is the same way.....now, it took me years to get here!!!:supacool: :heart:
  7. hehehehe, you DH is WONDERFUL!!! you should get the Azur Speedy and something else as well, hehehehe!
  8. What an awesome response!! When my DH starts talking bags with me and what I want for Xmas/anniversary i start looking at him wierd too..
  9. I forgot to add this...

    He's heard of E-luxury..but obviously wasn't listening when I have talked about it a million times..cause when I showed him the Damier Speedy..he says..."thats the used price"....:wacko: :weird: :shocked:

    I'm like...Sh*t...if I'd known you thought that E-Luxury was used prices..I would have purchase more for them....:roflmfao:

    MEN...I'm not sure whats got into him..tonight..but I LIKE IT!!:yes: :love:
  10. Thats awesome!
  11. LOL lucky you!!! Lets hope this is his new mentality towards bags!! :P
  12. LOL! I agree!! :lol: Although he's not my husband, my boyfriend always nags me to stop buying LV.

    You should definitely buy one, if he says so!!! :nuts:
  13. LOL That is too cute!!

    My SO likes the look of the Azur as well:smile:
  14. hahah, so cute of your hubby!
  15. My thoughts exactly! :yes: