Ok..is it possible to order a bag here and pick it up in Paris?

  1. I've been reading through the threads discussing prices and it looks like I could save a HUGE amount by buying my Birkin in Paris. But obviously if I'm going to buy a ticket there, etc. it would have to be a sure thing. I searched for the answer to this and didn't find it, so please excuse me if it has in fact been asked:
    Can I place an order through my SA here and arrange to pick it up in Paris? If so...would I pay CDN prices or Paris prices?
    Or...can I place an order through the Paris store directly and fly there when it's in? I understand through reading that they won't take orders over the phone- or will they?
  2. I'm afraid not. You can only make an order you are in Paris and your SA in Paris is willing to take it. Even then there's a list of colors, leathers and h/w which you can pick from depending on availability.
  3. Gotcha, thanks!
    So if that's a no-go...am I able to call around in the US and order one or hold one if they have the one I'm after, then fly down and pick it up? Even with a plane ticket it would be much cheaper than buying it here in Canada...
  4. Unfortunately, unless you have a preexisting relationship with a SA at a store, it's unlikely that they're going to tell you what birkins they have (unless it's one of those extremely rare occasions that there is one just idling on a shelf - and even then they might not be inclined to tell a cold-caller what there is), much less put it on hold. I don't know how often you can visit boutiques in the states, but if you can manage to cultivate a good working relationship over time with a SA you get on with, they may be able to help you. But it does require patience and a little perseverance.
  5. stylefly, where in Canada are you?
  6. In Toronto. And a Birkin 30cm in Swift works out to $9600USD with tax here:rolleyes:
  7. Ouch! Would it be worth it to try to make friends with an SA in Boston or NY?
  8. I just want to get my name down! If I get one of my friends in the US to put my name down for me, would that work? I'll have to wait most likely anyway...just to put in the order. Then I can save a lot! The price here is ridiculous!
    I might try calling Paris regardless to see if I can place my order through them, I speak French...99.9% sure they will give me the big kissoff but you never know.
  9. Perhaps someone could place an order for you in Paris?
  10. style...your right!
    thats how much I paid for my birkin (ughh stupid taxes)...but to be honest...I think its worth it in some ways..no stress/esp with customs....and likely get it shrinkwrapped....
    I mean you might score one in NYC but its probably on shelf and you have to get it right away I think (no holds at all)...But locally I was able to hold it for a couple days (to get my funds ready).
  11. The other challenge is that even if you put your name down in a boutique that's not where you live, they are often very reluctant to process payment without the credit card being physically located in the boutique. I have also heard that they have stopped or at least tried to stop shipping bags a long distance. :s I think they are trying to combat people buying them all up and then reselling, maybe??

    Oh yeah and customs, OMG! I know Canadian customs can be a lot of money. Even if you bought the bag elsewhere you might still be subject to customs when you bring it into Canada/have it shipped there.
  12. ^^true. my store will not ship bags, and for other items they must have seen you and have your imprinted cards on file. also, you must ship to your billing address or put another address on file with amex.
  13. All very sage advice, thank you!
    But I would be flying in and picking up the bag myself. No worries with Customs that way!
  14. They won't reserve a bag for you to pick up, not even for 5 minutes. You have to be physically present for them to check if there is a birkin available at that time.
  15. Your best best may be to drive or fly to NYC and stake out the new Wall St. store as they're getting an enormous amount of inventory so a few days visiting them can yield excellent results.