Ok, is it just me?.....

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  1. But when I buy a new mulberry bag I want it to be made in England! I think because it is such an English brand - I want one that is made in England. I know the quality is the same so I am wondering whether I am being silly!:p

    Anyone else?
  2. You're not alone.
    Upscale brands should keep the standards and not use cheap labour. If the bags are made in e.g. China, why should we pay the same price as for those bags that were made in England? The quality may be the same, but still... Doesn't go well with words like tradition, quality..
    Not good, not good for Mulberry's image in my mind anyway.
  3. Yeah I agree, I got my first mulberry bag recently and was really pleased if was Made in England....I mean that's what you associate Mulberry with, I hope they start making more of their bags in England
  4. I agree. Once they started outsourcing, that means their bags are popular and there will be many more counterfeits! Not a good thing for customers.
  5. I currently have 2 Mulberry bags and both were made in Turkey ( I live in the UK) I'm after a bayswater next time but would like to get one that was made in England!
  6. I have to agree, made in England Mulberry bags are fab, you get the image of Somerset craftsmen and not some faceless factory. I do think the made in England bags are much better made and really stand the test of time.
  7. When I ordered an East-West Bayswater over the phone one of my questions was "Is it made in England?"

    If the answer was no, I would not have ordered.
  8. Yah I wish my babies were made in England too, feels better. But nothing I can do right now, I still love them just as much :supacool:
  9. Mulberry has been outsourcing to Turkey and Spain but I understood manufacturing was being brought back to the UK.
    I checked the bags in John Lewis in Bristol and some were made in Turkey and some in the UK. Most of the bags at the factory shop are UK made so I tend to get mine there. I've just snapped up a metallic bronze Alana (smaller version of the Emmy) for £247 and it's made in the UK. Will post pics when I collect it tomorrow.