Ok, in general..

  1. How do you guys decide between a black or brown bag? Like do you choose which color the bag looks best in? or which color goes best with your closet?
  2. There are some bags that I think look better in one color over the other. Some bags look good in both and I choose based on what I don't already have. If the bag is too similar to one I already have in black, for example, I'll get brown.
    ETA: Or get another color altogether, like punch or pond, or whatever.
  3. I usually go with brown over black for some reason. I try to buy bags that I think can go well with what I wear. I get some just for parties and fun that don't really have to match.
  4. I usually choose brown over black but I also look at how many bags I already have in that color, what I'd use it for and what clothes I'd use it with. If there are other color choices that I can use I go for those as I pretty much have the whole brown family covered now and have 2 black bags which is enough for me. I chose a black legacy bag since I only had one black bag and didn't chose whiskey because I had brown bags similar to that color. I want another legacy bag so will go for pond next.
  5. I like bags that go with what i where so i like brown.
  6. i don't have a brown or black bag.

    most of the bags from coach are white.

    the rest are in colors, yellow, green, pink and white again.

    but like everyone has said, i'd usually go with one that fits my wardrobe and style...i wouldn't mind the carly in black or camel but i'd pick camel over black anyday.
  7. ms-whitney: have you seen camel irl? I have the medium carly coming in camel and it was delayed because of weather and the holiday. I am about to DIE! Seems like lots of gals like it in either parchment or black but I don't really need those colors. I hope I love it!
  8. i love it. and in our store we're down to the last camel in medium and large, it's in our windows.

    i love that color, but i was at work, wearing black, and it looked gorgeous! i prefer the large because it slouches down more and i love big bags in general.

    plus the inside is bright yellow!

    congrats with your new bag! :heart: i really wanted it but i need to save up money first.
  9. Thanks, ms-whitney! I was really worried that the large would be too big. The legacy shoulder bag is a good size for me so I thought the medium would be good for me as well. Wish it'd get here tomorrow!
  10. Well I think signature looks better in brown, and the leather looks good in both. So I like to have one of each but I buy Brown first. I wear more things that brown would look better with, but I have a black coat so I do have a black bag and am thinking about getting another.
  11. I wear mostly black as a neutral, so I commonly buy black handbags. However, there are certain bags where the shade of brown is so beautiful (whiskey, in my opinion) that it outweighs the practicality of buying black. With the proper outfit, both black and brown can be worn together. I do, however, avoid certain shades of brown like the chocolate. It is a beautiful color, but it is too dark to coordinate at all with black and just wouldn't fit with me or my wardrobe.

    tlloveshim: I was in Macy's today and the Carly in camel is absolutely gorgeous. I don't usually look twice at bags that color since I'd never buy one, but the Carly was really nice with its contrasting trim and the hardware coordinated really well. I think you will love it!
  12. As far as everyday bags I tend to buy more black, that way if I don't have time, I don't have to worry about my bags matching what I'm wearing. I wear almost all black all the time, including my casual and dress clothes, so black bags always work for me.

    If it's a bag that I don't really see myself using for work, then I buy it in whatever color I like or jumps out at me, such as green, pink, silver, red, etc. Then if I find a work outfit that matches one of those bags I will carry that bag with that outfit to work. (I hope that last part made sense).
  13. Thanks, hautemama! I feel better now! I was a little worried that I might not be happy with it but with you and ms-whitney's assurance, I'm sure I'll love it!

    After the carly, I'm looking forward to adding bags in different colors like the pond. I would have liked the rose too but couldn't get it at the time. I think I"m done with brown and black for a while now.
  14. I'm somewhat an oddball . . . but I love wearing brown w/black and I tend to get brown bags over black ones. But I do think it depends in part on the bag itself.

    And tloveshim - I agree with HauteMama - the camel is lovely - I havethe Carly in parchment, but my top choices were that and the camel. I saw it again at the boutique the other day and it's so nice - you'll love it!
  15. Most of my bags tend to be in the brown family. I don't think I have 1 black bag now that I think about it. My goal for 2007 is to add a black bag (but I want silver metal not the brass) and bags in colors. I actually mostly have bags in colors.