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  1. sorry, may sound like a stupid question. i'm trying to list a brand new bag and the strap and the charm is still wrapped up in tissue, should i unwrap it to show the details? or do i leave it wrapped? cuz if i was buying a brand new bag, i'd like for the hardware to be wrapped.
  2. I think you should probably unwrap it so that buyers can see the hardware and use it as a way to verify authenticity. You can state in the auction that you only unwrapped it to photograph it and then wrapped it right back up.
  3. can i show a file photo but leave it wrapped? or do you think there's absolutely no value added in leaving it wrapped
  4. of my bag for eBay, it still has the original wrapping on the hardware of the bag, should i leave it on? but then i won't be able to show the hardware, or should i take it off? but i'd think the buyer would want to take it off right? if they're buying a brand new bag...what would you want as a buyer?

  5. i would be more interested in seeing the correct hardware and 'markers' such as the hologram sticker and the screws.. etc. so i think you should take pics of the bag with wrapping and then take pics of the wrapping removed. good luck with your sale!
  6. HMM what bag is it? I as a buyer would love it knowing it would be brand new,but I would be buying a bag that I already knew what the hardwear looked like , those looking on eBay would probaly like to see the hardwear , you want to show all aspects of the bag .
  7. I would upwrap it just to take the photo. If you don't I'm sure someone will ask for a pic of it. Also it might look like you are hiding something.
  8. so i guess i should remove the wrapping then
  9. i c. too bad, i guess the wrapping has to go
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  11. I would also unwrap it. You could always wrap it back up (the best that you can) after it's sold.
  12. okie. thanks ladies.
  13. Unfortunately you have to unwrap it... because it's eBay and buyers are very suspicious. You aren't allowed/shouldn't hide anything.

    However... since you took pictures with it wrapped... that's good. You are showing that it was brand new and never touched and just unwrapped now to take the pictures and show the buyer the details. The buyer will know they are getting a brand new bag.

    I would post both wrapped and then lots of unwrapped pictures in your listing.
  14. Hey! Haven't you just bought this purse? Can you just return it instead of selling on ebay? You will lose money. There is one like this on ebay right now.
  15. Since this is your first eBay listing, check in the eBay forum as you go, step by step, and we will be happy to guide you along... :yes: