Ok, I'm too impatient just can't wait for 07 I need another bag, I need help!

  1. Oh dear, this addiction is really bad. I just can't wait anymore I NEED another bag!
    So these are my ideas:

    Something brownish...
    either a camel 06 city (I know where I can find one but it's unseen)
    or a truffe day (unseen as well)

    or try finding a 05 caramel city or day or a 06 day...(don't know where yet)

    Any thoughts ?
  2. Thanks Cilla, what do you think is the 05 caramel nicer than the 06 camel ?
  3. There is a truffle day on ebay right now. The leather looks very nice plus it is brand new! :smile:
  4. Catcat- 06 Camel is very similar to 05 Caramel except that is little bit darker and i like it more because it will take longer for the color to fade as you use it. I used to have a 05 Caramel Twiggy and used it for over a year and the color got lighter as i used it. I hope this will help you. Good luck!:heart:
  5. I thought the 06 Camel IRL was just a little too "orange" for me ... never saw the 05 Caramel IRL though, but think I would like it, doesn't seem as "orange" ... and I liked Truffle but I would have to SEE the bag I was actually getting b/c all of the ones that I saw IRL had VERY different leather on each -some Super Smooth and some Very Veiny!
  6. There is a Camel Day at NM SF. And Camel First too. :smile:

    Between the '06 Camel and the Truffle Day, I picked the Camel because I've never seen a shade like that before. A gorgeous toffee butterscotch that is wearable year-round! The Truffle was a little dark and dreary for me.
  7. Sorry Nanaz you meen the 06 is darker ?

    queenvictoria2 I was wondering the same thing but saw pics where it looked really like rich caramel and not orangy at all

    KristyDarling, thanks for the info I would prefer "if" finding one in europe because of the customs and brookerfees I could nearly buy two here.
  8. I'm pretty sure you need a WHITE BOWLER!!!!!
  9. I prefer the 06 camel, it's warmer and has honey tones, and to me seems more "caramelly" than the 05... and it may be easier to locate it, as it's more current.
  10. I haven't see either color IRL but the caramel purse on ebay looks really nice IMO.
  11. I did see an 06 caramel and the leather was REALLY nice, not veiny at all. The color is sort of a non-vibrant cognac.
  12. Do you know who has camel purses?