OK I'm Stupid...but Help! I don't know how to open my Roma!

  1. ok....so I just got my Roma in the mail from Saks FF, yay!
    But I've been working here for 5 minutes trying to remove the little lock....waaaa someone plz give me a hint?
  2. Isn't there supposed to be a key???:shrugs:
    Perhaps the sales assistant has put the key somewhere seperate.... Maybe in the inside pocket, where the mirror is?
    Sorry not much help!
    Anyways, congratulations on your new bag!!!!:tup:
  3. I only know the Montaigne, which has a key in a little packet that hangs from the handle and is therefore REALLY hard to miss. I'm sorry I have no idea how the Roma works!
  4. where's ReRe? She's the queen of the Romas right? She can probably help!
  5. Here I am, slide down the small part of the brass hardware piece with the keyhole on it.
  6. The bag should come unlocked and the little key should be hanging on the handle. I wouldn't recommend locking it, there really isn't any need to. I locked mine once, because someone on the PF asked if it really locked, I had to call the store (almost in tears) because my husband and I spent days and couldn't unlock it. Won't do that again, but if you get stuck, just call a BV boutique, one of the girls in AC walked me through it.
  7. I had no idea the Roma lock could be so exasperating. I have taken note though. Thanks!
  8. babygenius - did you get it open?
  9. Hi Rere, thx so much, I did get it open
    I was stuck for a long time b/c I thought the bag was locked in the first place and used the key, which locked it lol !!
    And spent a lot of time unlocking it (or lock it again? I don't know), anywayz, I opened it up, yay! And will NEVER use the key again lol !!

    How did you like your new Roma? I love mine, but it's a tad heavier than I thought it would be haha
  10. Yes they come unlocked, but I'm glad you figured it out. I love the Roma's in general, when they are empty I don't think they are that heavy---but you really can load them up. I use the ferro all the time, the Old Petra less. Still deciding on Marmo. Its a beautiful color, just keep thinking about all the times and places I lay my bags down and if it will get dirty. But that blue lining keeps drawing me back in. I'll have to decide soon.
  11. I have the ebano Roma ... and have not been using it lately so I think you're inspiring me to take it out and use it again!