ok, i'm seriously crazy.ro

  1. before i even make up my mind about my gst/ultimate soft situation, i went ahead and found a jumbo classic flap in navy patent!!!!!!!
    what do you ladies think?
    blk caviar or navy patent?
    the navy patent is actually $400 cheaper than the blk caviar cuz it didn't go through the price increase.

    i'm so nuts! is anyone looking for it? if so, please take it, pm me for info. and that will make my decision easier.
  2. i actually like the black caviar better.hehe
  3. black caviar
  4. black caviar!
  5. Black Caviar.....
  6. really? have u ladies seen the navy patent in person?
  7. I prefer the black caviar too.:yes:
  8. I Love Both! Sorry! I'm No Help!
  9. I guess I'll be the oddball and say the navy patent. Not to be different, but because I think it's truly beautiful and just the right mix of unique/edgy and classic! I've been wanting a navy patent bag as of late as well.
  10. another vote for black caviar
  11. I say black caviar, but that's just IMO!

    I think we're going to have to put you on a purse ban girlfriend! ;)
  12. Definitely caviar :smile:
  13. Navy Patent :p not a big fan of caviar :shame:
  14. Black caviar
  15. OMG You ahve to get the patent. SERIOUSLY. I own both bags and if I had to choose it woudl be the patent in Navy. ITs a SHOW STOPPER. Really. And a bargain at the current price.