OK I'm ready..no questions asked :)


All about Vuitton
Jul 1, 2006
I just got the most amazing feeling telling me I was ready to part with the three bags that I was having a hard time deciding on with selling or not.

But I don't want to do too much work. I can easily sell them on Ebay but I am not a mypoupette seller...will anyone even try to look at mine?

Is there anywhere that I can consign for REALLY cheap?

I just want to do this quick and painless.

Help me get through it ladies!..Keep me strong in my time to say goodbye!:s

Bag Fetish

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Mar 28, 2006
Try ebay,
just take lots of good pictures, Put your ebay Id on the pic's (Watermark)

and offer 5$ refund if they have Ang/carol authenticate it.

Be sure to state refund only if item isnt as stated and once the origional bag is back in your possession.
Perhaps out a tag on the bag that you have to cut off and mention that if its removed the bag will not be refunded.

you have to cover all your sides as people will have buyers remorse and want to return the bag.:sad:

Good luck!