Ok! I'm ready for seconds!

  1. I recently purchased a black jumbo caviar flap which I adore! I'm ready for a second Chanel and would like to have some input.

    Should I get the black GST or the bourdaux (I hope that's spelled right) GST????

    I was leaning towards the bourdaux but I'm not sure because I also love the black.

    Thanks ladies!
  2. I vote for bordeaux since you already have a black jumbo. Besides the bordeaux is beautiful!:heart:
  3. ^ I second Mon! :smile: Bordeaux is a very pretty color, and versatile enough that you can use it almost as you might use a black GST! ;) Congrats on your black Jumbo purchase... one of my very favorite flaps!! :love:
  4. Thank you!
  5. def the bordeaux ~ my fav chanel colour :love:
  6. the bordeaux is devine and would complement your jumbo beautifully :smile:
  7. I think the bordeux is beautiful and would compliment your jumbo chain well. LOL I wish I was ready for seconds now, too!
  8. Are you able to see the bordeaux color IRL? I was contemplating the Medallion tote in bordeaux until a friend of mine saw it in the boutique and thought the color was not as pretty in real life as it is in pics. She felt it wasn't as vibrant.
  9. I would go with the Bordeaux too. I saw someone had one with silver hardware and it was TDF.
  10. I usually don't like GST's but I saw one on eBay in Bordeaux and fell in love. It's so classic and clean cut without being typically black. :love:
  11. I vote for bordeaux :tup:
  12. My vote goes to bordeaux..yummy!!
  13. Oof.. I personally love the black. And was underwhelmed by the bordeaux.. But it sounds like you are leaning more towards the bordeaux, so I think you should go for it! :biggrin:
  14. go for the bordeaux GST, it's gorgeous since u have the black jumbo. But end of the day, it's really depends which color u love most.
  15. They are both beautiful, you can't lose either way. I vote the bourdeaux, but you can never have too many black bags either.