OK- I'm out of control......

  1. I read the word SALE at NM from you guys ..I called SF Neiman's and I just bought a FB Maltese. They ask for payment but the sale actually starts on Friday so I have to wait until then to pick HER up. I feel out of control because I just splurged on a Aqua GH City and she hasn't even arrived yet! I'm gonna have a fabulous Memorial weekend petting my 2 new babies. I'll post when they arrive.:idea:
  2. Cant wait to see pics. :yahoo:
  3. I love that bag in French Blue! At least your lack of control leads you to great bag choices!

    Can't wait to see that one!
  4. FB is fabulous. I hope you enjoy it!
  5. Yeah, we all know the feeling. Deep breaths now....:girlsigh:
  6. OH my!! Congrats! I cannot wait to see the beautiful pictures!!!
  7. I LOVE FB but never thought I'd get a Maltese...hmmm..I hope to fall in LOVE when it arrives.
  8. It's going to be GORGEOUS!!!!!
  9. What a gorgeous bag!! I hope you love it when it arrives!! You're going to have a great weekend!! :smile: