Ok, I'm new to Tano help me decide!

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  1. #1 Jan 29, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2009
  2. the 2 grape bags are crunch leather (kind of glossy), the amethyst bag is velvet leather (matte). Id first decide which leather you like best.

    between the 2 grape bags: minilisa has a zippered top and imo is shaped more like a shoulder bag. Ready Steady has a magnetic closure and is shaped more like a tote bag/shoulder bag (its like the boogie bucket I have but has the added outside pockets which is nice)
  3. I agree, first we have to narrow down your leather choice! :yes:
  4. well I love purple so I like both leathers, but I was leaning toward the matte amethyst leather on the Buxom Buddy. I love everything about it, just wondered if it had a good shoulder drop, didnt find pics of it in the modeling thread.
  5. The drop on the Carte Blanche is 9-11 inches. Take a look at Must Have Bag. If you click on "More Views" under the picture of the bag she shows how it looks on a mannequin. I don't know how big her mannequin is in terms of clothing size, but it will give you a good idea of how the bag looks on. I also highly recommend buying from MHB - it's on sale, and customer service is great - you can return the bag if you decide you don't like it.

  6. You might also want to take a look at the "Modeling Photos" thread to see how the bags look on people.

    I have a black Carte Blanche and like it a lot. It has three separate compartments, plus pockets on the inside and outside. For me, it's not a true "shoulder" bag. If it's on my shoulder, it fits pretty snug under the arm. But that's cause I'm a big girl :smile:

    The Minilisa is nice, but a bit bigger.

  7. The Carte Blanche definitely holds less in my opinion. I love my Ready Steady and it holds a lot. It might be according to what you consider a "medium" bag.
  8. thanks for all the replies. So MHB does accept returns on clearance items? couldnt find anything about returns on the site.

    Also what about the plum jelly fabulousness? any thoughts on this bag?

    any other carte blanche buxom buddy owners out there? I really love the look of the this bag but want to make a good choice.
  9. I have a Buxom Buddy and I find it too small for my needs. I actually like both my Postage Tramps better and they are a lot smaller but seem more efficient for me. I don't want to discourage because it's a cute bag but for me all the different compartments just waste space in the bag. But their are a lot of people in this subforum who love this bag so I think it will come down to what you find works for you. :yes: Here's a pic of mine when I first got it.

  10. The Buxom Buddy / Carte Blanche holds a ton in my opinion. MHB does accept returns as long as the bag is, obviously, unused. And at the price that they have amethyst CB's right now it's worth it to try!! :yes:

    And the velvet leather is so beautiful...turns nice and puddly!
  11. ^^Voodoo, you know now that I think about it we've had this conversation before and I forgot. The Buxom Buddy really does hold enough but I think we decided I wouldn't put all my stuff in it because I only like this bag when it still looks relatively flat. So my above post is really wrong. It just doesn't hold enough without looking too full to me. I'm kind of the same way about my 2 French Nannys. I know I'm weird!!!!:blush:
  12. I love my Buxom Buddy! It holds a ton of stuff.
  13. OMG I love grape soooooooooooooooooooo much and even though amethyst is pretty, after having three things in grape I could never turn it down! So, either bag in grape I say!
  14. Dyann...have you made a decision? ;)
  15. Nu-uh.....yer fabulous!!!!!:supacool: