Ok I'm freaking out.. Bag's still in "acceptance" and Seller hasn't responded

  1. Hi all, in light of the recent scamming going on in the Bal forum I am getting a little bit anxious.

    I am in Australia. I bought a Tomato RH Day from eb*y from a TPFer (not the same TPFer who has apparently scammed quite a few people already) and paid for it with Paypal on the 3rd of Feb. The seller contacted me and said she mailed it out on the 5th of Feb via USPS. She gave me a tracking number which I've been checking.

    I checked on the 8th of Feb and it stated the package has been accepted in Pheonix, AZ on the 5th of Feb. That's it. I sent the seller an email on the same day to let her know, but have yet to get a response. I checked again today (10th Feb) and it still says the same thing.

    Now the thing is, I had also bought another Bal bag from a reputable reseller also in the U.S, 1 day later. This seller mailed it out, gave me the tracking number, and the very next day after it had been accepted, the order was processed at the USPS mail centre. Today, it has already entered Australian Foreign Customs.

    I've re-emailed the Tomato Day seller and also contacted her via eb*y. I'm getting so worried now! Am I over-reacting?? Can it take over 5 days for the mail centre to process the order for dispatch?? :shrugs::shrugs:
  2. Relax honey... sometimes they don't update the tracking right away, it could very well be in Australia by now, but the tracking site hasn't been updated lately. It's also the weekend, so that'll cause some delays.

    Could it also be held up in Customs? Lots of things to consider. I'd give it at least til Tuesday before you panic if it hasn't been updated to say where the bag is now.

    R E L A X!
  3. Thanks Speedy!! I just needed a bit of reassurance. After I posted that I felt a bit silly but I guess I'm just paranoid now about buying off eb*y what with the recent drama. I'll wait a couple more days and see..
  4. ITA, don't worry. When it comes from US, it will say accepted or advised until it is scanned by your local delivery courier. For example, I had a package sent from the US on Tuesday, and it said "advised" until today when it now shows it has been scanned and at the depot here in the UK.

    So in other words it probably left the states on the 6th, but won't show up in tracking till it's out for delivery in some cases.
  5. I think mail from Canada can take longer as well. Don't worry -- at least it is at the PO.
  6. ^^ awe, don't worry sweetie, i'm sure it will be fine...depending on what type of USPS mail she used, it can take up to 10 days for delivery...but this is why i never use them to ship anything valuable within the USA or abroad...their tracking system s*cks & as both a buyer & a seller, i want to be able to track exactly where my package is at all times...anywho, below is the link to the USPS website where you can see the different types of international services & time frames :cutesy:

  7. Thanks 'bama.... the seller has replied and she says she'll make some enquiries.. I think I overreacted a little *sheepish*.. strange thing is my other bag that was shipped out later has already reached me!
  8. Something simular happened to Bag Angel... she shipped a bag to someone here in the States (she's in the UK) and a few days later shipped some clothes and a makeup kit to me. I got my two boxes of stuff before the bag was delievered to that buyer. It DID finally get delivered to her, butfor some weird reason (I think Customs as well in this case) the purse didn't get delivered for two weeks while my things were delievered in less than 6 days.

    Don't worry, we live in an instant world and you grew up on instant gratification type service, so yeah, you will tend to get a little antsy if something should be delayed.

    Back in my day, everything came Pony Express and it was a real pain if the Pony got sick, or Indians got to the rider... or worse, they put the package on a train and it ran out of track! Horrible! But it got there eventually!:p
  9. Keep us posted jo_ee, Im sure there was just some delay in the mailing system!!:flowers:
  10. I had the same message on a bag I shipped with Insurance and signature confirmation here in the US from east coast to west coast. It never showed received, only accepted by my local PO. I requested the proof of delivery and got an email back saying tey were unable to locate the package. I paniced a bit but since I never heard from my buyer, I can only assume she got the bag. It was done off eBay so she did not have the opportunity to leave feedback. SHe had been sending me very nice ans personal emails until we closed the sale, but once I got her payment and sent her the tracking number, never heard from her again :shrugs:, i guess no news is good news in this case. Oh, and this was the only time I actually got the postage at the PO and did not print it from home like I always do (direcetly via Paypal).

    Hang on there, it's probably on it's way. Maybe the PO has been too busy to scan or the bar code is damaged and not scanning.

    Hope you get it soon!