OK - I'm double thinking the fuschia - maybe natural


Sep 7, 2006
Thank you everyone for the input on the fuschia - I'd really love to get it - but wonder if it's too limiting - I can picture it only with my usual spring summer wardrobe of dark jeans as a pop of color - I think I know that I want a small antigona (due to my height and slight frame) - and I'm trying to decide between the fuschia and now looking at one that called natural - is the natural the same as the beige - or the linen - on the site it appears to be a light taupe color - maybe with some grey undertones - but when I search the forums and google I'm not getting any consistent colors - some even look like a pale pinkish/beige. Is it like a pale mastic?

Anyone seen it in person - is it very light - I would like a light taupe - but if it's more of a winter white - or has flesh pink undertones - I will pass.

Thanks again for all the help -


Truly Addicted
Dec 22, 2010
The natural is IMO without any undertone. The one I saw at the store was grained goatskin. It was a beautiful beige, for lack of better description. I loved it actually! Very creamy...no pinkish or any other tones.

However, Mastic will certainly have pinkish undertones. So make sure you are definitely getting natural, not mastic...if you don't want undertones.



Jan 27, 2012
I think winter NEEDS brightening up. Example, dark florals would get a kick out of the fuschia but depending on your wardrobe, neutral tones would offer a broader range of pairing possibilities!... so any colour all year round! :graucho: