Ok, I'm convinced, I need a Day :D Opinions on selection please

  1. I have never given much thought to the Day before but just lately I have been seeing how fabulous it looks on some tpfers who have posted here, and I'm 99.9% convinced I need one now. I have found several Days available, please share with me your opinions to help me decide which one to get, as I am spoilt for choice!

    My current collection includes: Anthra twiggy, Violet first, Pale Magenta city, Sahara SGH CP, and soon-to-come EB GGH city.

    1) 08 Black RH Day (New) - I have seen photos of this and the leather, oh the leather, I cannot stop looking at it and drooling.

    2) 08 Black SGH Day (New) - I know AR has this in stock. I won't be able to view photos though. I love SGH with Black, but I'm beginning to understand that it's about choosing the type of leather as well, and I'm dying to get a bag that I already know has gorgeous silky smooth thick leather.

    3) 06 Rouge Vif RH Day (Mint) - The leather on this looks TDF as well. Plus it's Rouge Vif! Out of all the reds I have seen so far I love RV the most as it has more blue undertones.

    4) 07 Jaune SGH Day (New With Tags) - I think Jaune is such a cheery color and the SGH just makes it pop. I'm not sure how it will go with my coloring however and I'm thinking it may wash me out as I have more of a warm olive complexion.

    5) 08 Bubblegum Pink RH Day (New) - Again, leather is TDF but I already have Pale Magenta and I'm not a pink lover so that may be 1 too many pink bags for me for the time being.

    Thoughts, convincing and brainwashing much appreciated! :okay:
  2. '08 Black SGH Day! I prefer the Day with SGH and think that it can be dressed up or down. :tup:
  3. Thats a tough one! I think you should go with the rouge vif based on your current colors. You can always add black later :graucho: I agree BG may be to close to your Magenta. And since you know the rouge vif leather is amazing, you won't be disappointed. ;)
  4. If you don't have a black bag, I vote for one of those. My preference most of the time is RH, and you seem to be saying that the leather on the RH Day is amazing - so that's my choice :yes: A little boring considering the alternatives, but totally classic.

    (You'll love the style! I contemplated it for a long time before taking the plunge, and it's been pure love ever since :love:)
  5. My vote is for Rouge Vif since you don't have any red in your collection :yes:
  6. Black GSH. I have it, and it is gorgeous....
  7. i was going to say jaune sgh until i read you are not sure about with your skin tone! my next one will be a black sgh...cant go wrong with classic and with the sgh it totally blings it up nicely!
  8. Out of your choices, I would pick rouge vif. But if I was going to get a day, there is an apple green one on fleabay right now that looks great.
  9. You can't go wrong with black, but like ladybug says, you can always add one later! Juane is sooooo pretty, but you think it doesn't go with your coloring, that might mean you will be less liekly to carry it. So black I say then. Either hardware!
  10. wow, this is a really tough choice. My top picks would be black GSH, rouge VIF or jaune GSH. Personally I love the day also with GSH especially in those two colors. But I also think everyone should have a red bag (kind of like my equivalent of a black). So if I had to narrow even more I guess I would say the jaune or the rouge. I would go with the color before black because they are just so gorgeous, but you can always add a black later. HTH
  11. Black RH Day - you will use it so much you will wonder how you lived without it. And if you know you like the leather on this one you should go for it.
  12. 3 then 1

    The rouge is amazing
  13. Oh this is a tough one- I say either black rh day or rouge vif day. You've got so much color going, that black might be a nice dark neutral to add in, the leather is yummy- plus you'll probably end up using it all the time. But rouge vif is sooo hard to pass up- and like ladybug said, you can always get black another time.
  14. 08 Black RH Day (New) - Seems like you are already in love with this leather. I am not too hot over a Black RH day though.

    08 Black SGH Day (New) - I love this combo. Though you cannot view AR's stock photo, you can guide them through the selection process so you can get something close to what you want if this is your final choice.

    06 Rouge Vif RH Day (Mint) - You already love this so this seems to be your obvious choice & I think this colour is the day is TDF!!!

    07 Jaune SGH Day (New With Tags) - I love this shade & this colour can work on our skin tone(think our undertones are similar) BUT it's a can skip colour IMO.

    08 Bubblegum Pink RH Day (New) - I have BG & I will not get Pale Magenta so yes I think skip this since you have the opp of what I have.

    It is so hard to choose but why not go with RV Day now & get the SGH Black day later? :yes:
  15. Black SGH Day!