ok, i'm close to taking the plunge...ro


which to say part with to make room for the jumbo flap

  1. GST

  2. ultimate soft

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  1. i have decided that i really want to make room for the jumbo flap, and am about to do my first eBay listing... need an official vote as to which one to eBay off

    gst w/ silver hw or
    med. ultimate soft in blk
  2. ultimate soft ...
  3. You'll probably get more bids with GST. Good luck!!!
    BTW, did you read the post in gucci about a scam on eBay. Read it before you list. I will try to look for that thread for you.
  4. oh gosh thanks!! i am so scared of doing my first listing, i need all the knowledge i could acquire
  5. Okay, I can't find it!
    But basically to make the long story short. This person sold her authentic gucci bag to a bidder with not so good feedback but not too bad either. She paid right away and got it but buyer emailed the seller saying the bag was fake! She said she took it to Saks and they said it was fake but in actuality the bag was purchased from saks. So when the seller called her on it and asked for the salesperson's name and number she back tracked and said she was taking it to the my poupette to get it authenticated. I know know how this ended but basically it was a real mess. What I learned from this thread is seller beware and also mark your bag so if you have any problems with the buyer and they want to return your bag you know that your getting your bag back and not a knock off they might have traded it for. I guess what these scamers do is buy authentic bags and say they are fake and send back fake bags to you and keep your authentic bag!!!! Becareful! I have purchased and sold on ebay before but this is the first I have heard of this practice.
  6. That's disgusting! Ugh.
    I say sell the GST.
  7. My selfish side says to sell the US because I really want one....:shame: but I voted for the GST because I just don't like it that much. It's all about what bag you are more likely to use more. If I had to choose I would keep the US, that's my pick and I'm sticking to it.
  8. ultimate soft!
  9. I still say the GST because you never fell in love with it.
  10. can you still return the GST to any saks? they have 60 days return policy. that way, you don't have deal with selling it, if you really love the ultimate soft.
  11. Gst
  12. We're really not supposed to discuss anything that relates to selling even if it's subtle, like asking for opinions on what to part with. I'd like to see more consistency in regards to the no selling rule, as some members seem to get away with more than others and it's unfair.

    I know you're asking for opinions but what's to stop someone from PMing you about a potential sale, which is against forum rules? We all know how in demand the black/silver GST is...

    Sorry to rain on this thread as I know you're in a quandry. When I need to part with a bag that is still in new condition I return it to the store for a full refund or exchange. It is much less of a headache than ebay.
  13. you'll get more bids on the GST
  14. Roey.....
    I dont beleive she is outright selling here .........If u ever have issues with a thread,Hit the report button...A MOD will review it.Thats what they are here for.Its up to them and MEgs,Vlad to make that call.
  15. I prefer the US to the GST so i think GST should be up for ebay! :yes: