OK... I'm being extra bad this evening. I just got...

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  1. A Khaki/Gold Ali!!!!!!

    I was outbid on an auction the other day for one and I found one with a reasonable BIN

    Yay... so after I order my platinum bridgit tomorrow I will really be banned like my siggy says.. haha!

  2. congrats!

    I am glad you got the bag you wanted. I looked at one of these and so did my sister b/c I bought her the gold tennis shoes, but we both decided we didn't want that much sparkle.
  3. lol! Congrats! Yeah... your signature has really confused me... it says your banned, but you keep bidding/buying! lol I should be banned too, but I know that I could NOT last longer than 3 weeks...

    (just the thought makes me cringe) lol
  4. When I first saw this bag I did not like it at all. I didn't even like metallics of any sort. Now, for some reason I am all over it. :lol:

    My SA at Coach in The Woodlands has it and it's so pretty on her.. hopefully on me too.
  5. I know.. I lasted for like 2 weeks. I am listing 4 bags on ebay on sunday and I am returning a bag tomorrow to help pay for all this. Hopefully these will be enough to keep me satisfied for a while. :rolleyes:
  6. you just authenticated my black ali for me and you buy one for your self too. i call that multitasking. thanks for the help by the way!! at least you waited longer than i did to hit that BIN button. can't wait to see modeling pics. congrats
  7. What are you putting on eBay?
  8. I have some bags that are too small for my taste now and one of my ergo hobos is going because I have 5... way too many ergos. lol.
  9. :PLOL 5!? and I thought my BF's mom had alot of Ergos....
  10. Congrats!!! (great price too!!!!)
  11. Wow... I had not seen that color before. It is amazing. Congrats on the great buy.
  12. Enjoy it.
  13. Ohhh... very pretty, congrats! Can't wait to see Bridgit too!
  14. Yay! Congrats! :tup: I am the same way Tara, I saw the khaki/gold Ali in the boutique when it first come out and thought it was fugly.. I have since seen it on a couple of women and thought it looked hot! :P It made me come home and look them up online too! :graucho: Congrats, can't wait to see pics! :yahoo:
  15. Very nice - congrats on getting one!!! I hear you about putting bags on ebay - I sold about 5 or so recently too, and since I just acquired three new ones, Im thinking what else can go because I dont want to have 17 bags again!!!