OK - I'm Away for 5 Days and My Dog is Now Insane!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. As some of you know I was in the hosptial for 5 days until Sunday. My 7 month old Gucci has seriously lost it:wtf:. I know a lot of it is my fault b/c she is in no way getting enough exercise b/c I haven't had the energy and the weather has sucked as well. She now is jumping on my couch which she knows is BAD, sticking her face and feet in her water bowl:push:, and generally not listening. My husband thinks she's fine but I feel like she realizes I'm weak and is trying to take control of everything. I can't remember if 7 months is the beginning of the teens for dogs but I know they start trying to run the pack again at that time. My kids take her for a run in the morning before school but it's not enough. I have been trying to have her best friend, the golden retreiver next door over but it's quite tiring for me right now.

    Anyone treadmill train their dogs? Tips and tricks appreciated!! I hsve gotten her on w/ treats but whenever I turn it on she runs for the hills.
  2. I hope you are feeling better soon!

    She sounds like she needs some stimulation and outlet for her energy - can you ask a friend to take her for a walk/run during the day? Or go and sit at an off leash park and throw things for her to chase? That way she wont have the energy to misbehave.

    Treadmill training sounds interesting too!
  3. I usually do take her to a dog park but the weather isn't cooperating. I know this is all about her energy and my lack of it. Next week I will be fine but I would love to treadmill train her since it has been super muddy at the park.
  4. Glad to see you back, Shu! Was hoping you were feeling better.

    I have a high energy, 10 month old girl named Twinkie, she's half blue heeler and half australian shepherd. If you're still feeling bad and can't take Gucci out, or the weather is too bad, then maybe the treadmill training isn't a bad idea! I generally find that Twinkie is only 100% well behaved after she's ran a few miles or been outside playing all day.
  5. You could try training her. Mind games take a lot of energy.

    One of the hardest things my dogs can do is look at my face when I have a cookie in my hand. So far I cannot move my cookie hand without them losing focus. If the hand is still they can look at my face even if the hand is really close to them. If your dog knows anything ask her to do it then throw the ball if she can retrieve or toss a cookie to her. Then ask for the behavior, ask for a stay/wait, toss cookie then release to the reward.

    I had a partner for a dog agility event a couple years ago. He told me his dog could run with him off road biking for twenty miles but the first time the dog went to agility class she was crashed in the car afterwards. The two of them were on TV last year winning the small dog agility on the Great Outdoor Games. His wife won large dog agility and I had even run a course with the winner of the weave pole race what ever that is called.

    Oh, seven months is doggy teens. If you take puppy to the park other dogs are going to start getting all offended at stuff your puppy is doing that were fine last month. So many dogs in shelters were given up at this age for bad behavior. My two were adopted at about that age, I loved all the energy, large and trained bladder, longer attention span. Missed out on the totally adorable fuzzy puppy stage but that lasts a very short time. All the puppies my agility friends get grow so much week to week.
  6. Glad you're back home and hope you're feeling better soon. Sounds like you're definitely in the midst of teenage-dom! The training Kathyy suggested may do the trick, but I don't know how your stamina is for that if you've not been feeling well. If the dog is afraid of the treadmill (which sounds like that might be the case), what about just tossing a ball down the hall? Even if she's a big dog, enough times up and down may help get some of the energy out of her. Another option could be to hire a dog walker for midday walks until you're back on your feet. Good luck and hope you're feeling better soon!
  7. Thanx for the input guys. I know dog training is exhausting for the dog. So my kids have been doing it to try to tire her out. She's actually really good at keeping her eyes trained on my when I say "Look". She knows I'm going to tell her to do something and she figures there is a treat coming. I will have more energy next week, I'm sure. Just can't figure out how to get her to stay on the treadmill when it's on. She's a black and tan coon hound and has endless energy. I'm madly in love w/ her and would NEVER give her up! I am too old for this sh*t though LOL!