OK, I'm almost there............. Help me! lol

  1. :p Ok so I decided the white gst is better for me than the flap, I will get a flap someday but not right now. Here is my problem I have been wanting the baby cab as in white for months and I have a chance to get it now. I want a white Chanel so bad. The baby cabas is not a true white it is off white/ grey cast. The gst is pure white, I have alot of cream and beige bags , no pure stark white . I love both bags and cannot make up my mind. I can only afford one , so dont say both lol :p . Help me I dont know what to do, my bf says gst, he didnt like baby cabas, I have loved it forever and I think I want it because it was so hard to find, I know you all understand. The gst I know I will use for along time, cant say that for cabas, Help
  2. For me, I prefer the GST.
    Here's some of my opines:
    the GST has more longevity than the Cabas as it's a little more Classic.
    but the dark white Cabas could be carried year round as it's not stark white.
    the GST fits my shoulder better.
  3. Wow, what a hard decision.

    If you want a more formal bag where you can neatly carry items in an organized fashion, I would go for the GST.

    If you want a more fun bag, where you dont mind digging for your stuff, knowing you have an awesome bag, than go for the Baby Cabas.
  4. I think you'll be better off with the GST for the long run.
  5. I love the Cabas (mine is khaki), but I think the GST in white would look great... plus it has the added benefit of compartments, etc. (I think you mentioned maybe carrying the GST or flap to work in your other post, etc.), so overall, I would go for the GST :smile: Good luck, you'll end up with a Chanel either way, so you can't lose!

  6. I'd say go for the GST. Maybe you're pining over the Cab b/c it's so hard to find, not that your heart is really into it.
  7. My vote is on the GST as well.
  8. i'm more of person interested in trends (i'm in the fashion industry) so personally I'd go with the cabas (also due to my age), but which one do you want more? I'm waiting on the silver baby cabas right now. I also had a similar dilemma because I originally wanted the black lambskin flap, but can't get alllll of it right now. My salary will not let me. lol
  9. I would get the GST. I think the baby cabas looks better in black and bronze, as opposed to the white color.
  10. i vote on the GST... It will be al classice forever
  11. cabas! You can save for the GST later if you wish. But if you miss out on the cabas...you're going to regret!!
  12. i prefer the GST, let us know what you choose!
  13. I vote for the GST...so classic and versatile! :yes:
  14. Gst
  15. Thanks everyone, the gst will most probally be my next Chanel bag. Hi baglover , havent seen you in a while:smile: