Ok if you were a Bandeau..

  1. So I'll confess I've lost a bandeau

    Ok maybe lost is too harsh a term let's say misplaced

    I don't know where it is I'm afraid to tell BF* he may cut me off saying I have too much stuff I can't keep track of it LOL

    I have all my scarves, shawls & bandeau in a storage box but sweet flowers isn't there and I don't know where.
    It's not tied on to a bag.

    So if you were a bandeau where would you hide....

    *ps I'm not really afraid to tell BF I just rather not take the risk LOL
  2. Hmmm... not with her sisters huh... can you remember the last time you wore it? Was it tied to a bag?
  3. I've never actually worn it I remeber taking pics for here and then *poof* gone
  4. could it be inside one of your bags?
  5. I think I've checked them all, it's a little late to do so now but I'll double check tomorrow.
    keep the suggestion coming.

    LOL it's like the missing shark thread, (check animal section if you have no idea what I'm on about)
  6. What room did you take your photos in? Could you have put it on a sofa/chair and it has slid between cushions?
  7. Maybe it's with my LOVE cell phone charm (MIA):shrugs::shrugs::shrugs:
  8. Maybe it got into the wrong storage box?
  9. Were I a bandeau, I'd be tied as a headband around your head. Have you checked you're not wearing it? I spent half an hour looking for glasses yesterday that were on my head. As I explained to a roffling DH, I can't see them up there!!! :blink:

    Maybe this is why you can't see your bandeau anywhere?

    Lol, or more helpfully, perhaps check pants or jacket pockets, or handbag internal pockets. Good luck! :tup:
  10. I think it has slipped behind your bed or between your comforter...check there.
  11. well if I were a bandeau, I'd be wrapped around McDreamy :love:... but since he probably wouldn't wear one ... I'd guess yours would be in a LV shopping bag or in between sofa cushions.
  12. hmm.. maybe carried with your camera after taken pics?
    inside pouch camera purse or box?
    or nearby its where you place camera?
  13. Would it be in your LV shoe boxes???
  14. HHHMMMMM...... Maybe it is in a box with a sister (check your other bandeau boxes)...
  15. how's the search going?