Ok, I'd like to say it...I think 08 Bubblegum Pink is a chameleon colour...

  1. Call me crazy, but I have been thinking this for a while. I haven't said it since 07 Anthracite...I need more opinions on this, but I think 08 Bubblegum Pink (Petal Pink) is a new chameleon colour!

    I wish I had more pics of the 08 BG Pink in general, but I don't want to have to "borrow" pics that aren't mine, but one of the best ways to check is to do a quick PF search on pink bags, and you will see the myriad of shades of 08 BG Pink that fellow PF'ers have posted.

    It would be great to see various 08 BG Pinks plastered in this thread too!

    Another fabulous comparison check is to do an eBay search on "balenciaga pink"...Check out ECLuxe's BG Pink Day & Hobo bags - the shades are just gorgeous...Then there's a delightful BG Pink GGH City and RH City's...Just gorgeous!

    What's the concensus on this?
  2. Here's a Pink SGH Hobo I bought not too long ago (seller's pic). I can't wait to meet her:love:
    96BZJH6EW8A4.jpg YTZ7VY3C7D7M.jpg
  3. ARGGGGHHHHH I am so tempted to get this BABY!!! This is such a pretty pretty thing but I must banish all such thoughts. Please, please model this when you get her. I want to see the way it drops & slouches & moulds on the body.
  4. I feel the same way, I've seen a bunch of pics in the thread so far and its either a nice light pink or a darker pink.. its totally like anthracite! LOL!
  5. I absolutely adore this colour and am lusting to get something in bubblegum. I can imagine wearing it with all sorts of colours, as to me it has quite a soft, neutralish tone. KDC your hobo looks gorgeous.
  6. I've definitely seen variations in saturation of this color. Please post more pics when you get her! She looks great!! :tup:
  7. I've wondered about this color too since I haven't seen it IRL. It seems like some people have even mentioned seeing lilac undertones in the pink, which really intrigues me even though I'm not much of a "pink" person.
  8. *KDC* ~ your bg hobo looks gorgeous ~ congrats! ~ i read thru some old threads when everyone was speculating about *peachy pink bg* ?!! ~ but when i took my city outdoors to photograph her ~ i can see peachy undertones ~ yet indoors she is a def pink with lilac undertones! (imo) ~ i looove bg ~ almost as much as eb ~ :graucho: ~ & i'm not normally a pink girl!

    however ~ i am slowly but surely learning that while i love nothing more than seeing all the pics :heart: ~ i have had a few recent mail~order surprises where the colours have been so different irl ~ which hasn't been a problem b/c i've loved them anyway ~ it's the leather that has been the problem! ~ :cursing: ~ but ITA ~ like so many bal colours ~ they can look sooo different depending on the lighting :yes:

    dare i say it ~ my recent stint buying chanel was sooo stress free in comparison ~ finding the bag is equally as hard ~ lol! ~ but that's all ~ no leather/colour/quality control/maintenance issues whatsoever :beach: ~ still :heart: my bals 'tho! :lol:

  9. I agree about it looking different in different pictures. I was so undecided at the beginning, because some pics made it looks more peachy (which I didn't like as much) and other shades made it look like a true pink.

    Here are my pics. The first one is without a flash and I think you can see more lilac undertones and the close up (with flash) looks more true pink to me.


    Bubblegum2.jpg Bubblegum Close2.jpg
  10. I agree. The silver hw really lightens the color in m opinion. Wthout the silver hw the color is almost coral to me. Anyhow they are both so pretty. Here is a picture of the gsh brief which just went back. Hubby said it was too big on me. Still debating what bag to get in this color.

  11. vicki, moonstar and ZJ! I was hoping all of you would contribute your amazing pink pics to this thread! You all equally inspired me to get my hobo...Gorgey!!!
  12. I agree. At times mine looks more pinky lilac, other times a true pink.
  13. Common MarieG, I see you watching!
  14. Hey sweet KDC , I just saw your post :yes: I think your new BG Pink Hobo will be GORGEOUS!!:love:Congratulations!!:yahoo: Can't wait to see your modeling pics:tender:
  15. Has anyone seen a Day in BG Pink w/Silver GH? I am thinking I really *need* to get one!! ;)