Ok I went out and bought a Cleanse system today...

  1. and I got the ThisilyN Cleanse with herbal digestive sweep....If anyone's heard of it or may have any input on it, that be great....Wish me Luck girls I'll tell you how it goes!!!
  2. I'd love to hear how this works for you. Keep us posted!
  3. I bought a cleanse system a coupla months ago, hoping that by detoxing, I could lose my stubborn weight faster. But it gave me diarrhoea instead and I stopped. Proceed carefully, honey.
  4. how much does a cleanse system cost, usually?
  5. my god this is reminding me of the colonics thread again haha.

    anyways.. Good luck MissV!!! hope you get results =)
  6. Any updates?
  7. well I am on my third day....Ummmm not much difference my bloating went down (but i was pre period week when i startted so i dont know if its one or the other) ...Washroom once a day and no nothing like the pictures floating around here........Nothing out of the ordinary except a bit of this like mucus with it but not diarrhea or anything ...I know it sounds gross but I thought I would tell you girls in case you plan to start it.......hmmm...i don;t know but I'll keep on it and I'll update ya guys by the end of the week!
  8. PLEASE don't take any photos of whatever may appear. TIA!
  9. Just a quick update if anyone still is interested. :smile:

    I think I am on day 4 or 5....Just the washroom visit about 3 times a day. Nothing fascinating...small amounts...just normal looking stool...(makes me curious if it is working). BLoating has gone DOWN SIGNIFACANTLY!!! I had serious blimp like look around my waist and lower abdomen (to the point where I had to bunch my shirt near the midriff to hide it)BUT BLOATING could of been "more" because the day I started the cleanse was about a day or two before my "montly visit"...so I dont know if the bloat went away cause of cleanse or it was just because of my period...but either way..... its ALOT better now. I am not rushing to the washroom or any type of 'butt-pee" like someone mentioned hehee.

    Has anyone here taken a cleanse of any sort?? was you stool normal?!?!
  10. ^ I don't think your stool should be like 'butt-pee'.

    Cleanse systems may be fine to use once in a while, but be careful. If you do things like that too much- you may develop kidney stones. True! A dr told me this when I was having tons of digestive problems where my body was doing its own sort of cleanse system :sick: So be careful everyone!

  11. wow, i had no idea that you could get kidney stones from detoxing liquids ? My grandpa recently had surgery a couple of months ago to remove some kidney stones because he used to drink tap water and the doctor said that he developed kidney stones from the minerals that were in the water.So i always thought that's the only way to get kidney stones, so i've always made sure to not drink tap water but now i have to remember to not detox too much because i usually do it once every couple of months or so. Thanks so much for posting about that, i had no idea! :hrmm:
  12. OT - but tea can also cause kidney stones :sad:
  13. ^ i haven't heard that one!
  14. Detoxing excessively or taking laxatives excessively can cause kidney stones. I am just saying.... don't overdo it